Illamasqua nail varnish: lust list


Nail Varnish in ScarceNail Varnish in MottleNail Varnish in FragileNail Varnish in SpeckleNail Varnish in Freckle
Illamasqua Nail Varnish: Speckled Series

Super Gorgeous colours, they remind me of "The Land Before Time" dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs.
Pink shade =Scarse, Mint shade=Mottle, Duck Egg Blue shade =Fragile
Lilac Shade= Speckle, Taupe Shade= Freckle.

I want them all but they come in at a hefty 14.50 a bottle, I've read the reviews of Illamasqua nail varnish and a lot of people recommend that they last around 10 days or more.
I'm thinking of investing in a clear gel top coat so I can keep nail varnish on for longer because I'm getting super into Nails and varnish at the moment.
I'm gonna invest definitely in some nail art brushes so I can be a bit more intricate with designs and such.
If your a nail beginner like me then share my journey, by leaving a URL in the comments of a recent nail look.

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5 Holla's

  1. hiya :)
    great post, I've been looking at these for ages but still undecided about which one to buy. I'm thinking of the green one since green is the color of the season but the more I look at the other ones the less I can decide :) I've done a few nail posts if you want to have a look. and im so spelling cute 'kewt' from now on ;) Following and on twitter so feel free to do the same if you like :) xx

    1. Thankyou :)
      Gorgeous colours aren't they, I wish they did a yellow one I LOVE yellow!
      If you use "Kewt" just remember to link me :)

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they just!
      Bank breakers tho! all of them would cost close to £60 x

  3. I really like doing myself:) I have some nail art brushes and love to try different designs every time.x Need one of these.. Love the brown one:)


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