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A liebster award is an award for anyone under 200 followers, its kinda like chain mail, once someone has nominated you they have to nominate 5, and give different questions to the mix.
I'm so excited that someone has actually nominated me because it feels like your stuff is actually getting out there.
I got nominated by the gorgeous Julie from @flabbyface and these were the questions she has assigned me:

1. If you could change one thing you've done in your life, what would it be?
I would have to say I wish I would have realised I wanted to become a journalist earlier on and gone to university earlier, I'm in my first year and 21 so I live with girls who are three years younger and you can tell you the difference.

2. If you could only choose one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Carbonara, there's so many things to do with that meal, you can add spices, game, honey and even eggs, its so versatile. Versatility is what I look for when I'm stuck with things; I think I do this with men as well lol.

3. What is your most expensive makeup item and did you think it was worth the purchase?
I'm not really a fan of expensive makeup because I simply cannot afford it, so I'd say my mac foundation, studio fix fluid, £23. I think on good skin days it's amazing, but on bad skin days it's great so yes I'm happy with it.

4. When did you first start wearing makeup?
Full on makeup round about 17/18, I got introduced probably about early 16.

5. Which type of films do you prefer to watch? Horror, Action, Thriller, Fantasy-Si-Fi or Romance?
I love an 80's romance movie, like pretty in pink or breakfast club, they all taught you something didn't they, whether it was to not look down on others with less money, or think rich kids are snobs, and that you never know where you might find your truest friends, like detention.

6. What kind of scents do you go for? Floral, Fresh, Warm & Spicy or Woody & Earthy?
I like the spicy scents like gucci rush, guilty and premiere, or womanity by Thierry Mulger.

7. If you could see any band or artist live, who would it be?
I'd love to see Victoria Beckham's work on the runway, to only be designing for 5 years and with so much credit acclaim behind her she must be talented to pick the industry up THAT fast.

8. If you had £40 to spend on makeup or skincare what would you buy?
Oooh that's a toughy, I'd probably get a few nice things from illamasqua, if I wanted the finer things in life, or I'd have a sleek haul for the less expensive products.

9. If you could teleport anywhere in the world for the day where would you go?
Florida to visit my dad, living in two separate countries it's hard to spend time with each other, I'd call before hand though just so he can clear his schedule for me.

10. Do you believe in aliens?
Yes, I think my grandmother is one :) the best kind of alien though, the one that can cook really well.

11. If you had to bring in a board game to school, work or university for the day and had to play it, what would it be?
Frustration, it's such a good game, I'd take it into work and also university as I'd like to see my boss and my practical teacher play against me and others, just to get a feel for their character, you really don't know what someone is like until they have lost or won something around you!.

And the nominees are
Haha sounds like knobbly knees but I shall get on with it.

Le Powder Room
Le Blog Maquillage
Chelss Chapman

My 11 questions to you would be:

  1. How Many Foundations do you own, and why did you buy them?
  2. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
  3. What is your favourite colour of nail varnish?
  4. What's your favourite make-up brand and why?
  5. Tell me your favourite book!
  6. What magazines do you read?
  7. Why did you start your blog?
  8. The worst product you have used and why?
  9. Best fashion stores to shop in
  10. The type of mobile phone you have
  11. The colour of your bedroom

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2 Holla's

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! It definitely made my day. And you're so right, it makes you feel like your stuff is getting out there. Thanks again, love and have a wonderful day!

  2. Loved reading your answers. I feel i know you a bit better. Good luck with your blog, x

    Jules x



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