Picture Party Perfect (save whilst being social)


So its that time of year again where nearly all of your friends have their birthdays and there's events popping all over the place, you search in your wardrobe to see what to wear and notice that the last set of Facebook photos you had, you had the dress on your planning to wear. Being a bit of a dress snob like I am I never like people to see me in the same dress over two months (that's if I was out every weekend) so usually I am one to buy a new dress every time I go out, however this can be mega expensive if nearly every weekend is party time.
There are loads of stores out there that do cheap yet amazing (quantity can affect quality) dresses that can be worn once then left for a while until everyone has forgotten about them.

BooHoo is the on the edgier side of brands, they have a glamourous selection but its casual glamour, which is great if the event is just an evening out with cocktails at the local bar/lounge or meeting up with the boyfriend and his family
Leah Flared Swing Dip Hem Aztec Dip Hem DressMila Zebra Print Strappy Cross Back Swing Dress

Misguided is a bit more on the glamorous side, and with misguided fashion you can easily rival the style of the TOWIE or Geordie Shore girls. Misguided fashions are more for a full night out in a northern city like Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool or Newcastle, with the correct accessories, the dress can definitely have "pulling power".

Etto stands for each to their own and the founder Alexander Christopher is from my home town, the style is very edgy, its much more desperate scousewives meets the L word and if your a lover of moshino, all saints, and vivviene westwood's red collection you are sure to love their style. Its more on the pricier side than the other brands mentioned but because there designs are so unique its easier to get away with cheaper jewellry and cheaper shoes.
One Shoulder Dress - Dark Grey DenimesqueRoman Goddess Dress - Black


Ebay has some cracking bargain finds with chokers and bracelets for as little as 99p, its not hard to find some tin to tide you over your party season, and its not important that its not real gold or silver as costume jewelry has stepped forward in terms of fashion in recent years and left its finer counterparts in the back waiting for a special occasion (wedding, christening, engagement party).
Vintage stores
Every city has one and now towns are riding the vintage train, if you handy with a pair of pliers and you can get to a hobbycraft there's no need to splash major cash on something delicate when someone could be wishing to part with theirs. If it has a broken clasp, this is great opportunity to haggle and your wrists could be draped with finery for a fraction of a tiffany or a pandora.
Second hand Shops
Oxfam or British Heart Foundation is a treasure trove of someones trash or your treasure depending on your viewpoint, get rumaging, you might find the genies lamp in there if you willing to put your hareems on!

Well these are my tips darlings to be a savvy shopper with dress snobbery if your schedule is party poppin', no need to get financial aid for your social forthcoming's, all you have to do is go cheaper on the dress and amp up the jewelry volume. Think basic bodies and limb bling. 

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