Dreams: Working in america over the summer (BUNAC)


So in my last post I told you how this blog will be having a bit of a spin of genre, and instead of focusing totally on beauty and secondary lifestyle it will be mostly lifestyle with the teeniest bit of beauty incorporated into it. I've noticed a lot of bloggers are becoming consumer journalist's and I don't wanna work for a company free without any perks of the job. I'm not a beautician but I do have a killer attitude to life: "do what makes you happy, fuck everything else".
I mean that in the best healthiest option, if what makes you happy causes your liver to rot because you only find happiness in a wine bottle then I don't condone that, but if travelling the world makes you happy then your my kinda person and I celebrate your life.

Speaking of travelling the world, I have signed up to a programme called WORK AMERICA with BUNAC, which works closely with the american embassy to allow explorers from around the globe (like myself) experience american and also earn money while they're out there.
Additionally to WORK AMERICA, there is WORK AUSTRALIA, and conservation work that you can do in asian countries like NEPAL and SINGAPORE, so if your an animal lover, an environmental ambassador or just wanna get your steak and ribs on, there is something for everyone.
There's a catch though, you must be a student, there is other companies like this that cater for none students, but it looks fantastic for your graduate placement, because if your open to travelling (especially for those who degree's are internationally needed) you could find yourself living in another country and having a life rival to kanye's and kims.

Click the picture to be taken to the website, they have a lot more to offer than whats mentioned above. 
To start the process you have to pay a deposit of £100, i've already done this which means my BUNAC ball is rolling.

Really excited

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