Baby Blues


I am broody! By the time you get into your early twenties you start looking at babies in a new light! You want one, sex becomes something more intimate rather than a "bend-me-over-now you sexy beast"
This happens with extreme force if you have a boyfriend that you have been with a long time.
I don't have a boyfriend, its not an interest of mine at the moment with being in my first year of university, but I get a strange wanting whenever i see a heavily pregnant lady or a sleeping newborn in a pram. Even my friends have babies and seeing their children giggling and farting, and burping, and generally having no manners and yet still being adorable makes me want one.

Other things in pipelineApart from not having a boyfriend which doesn't bother me anyways, I start thinking about all the things I would possibly need secure in my life to bring a child into it.

  1. A HomeMy own home would be needed and being 21 at university and living with parents out of term time, I understand that securing a mortgage would a mighty stupid thing for me to do until I have a hefty deposit and a good income
  2. An IncomeYes, yes, cast me down in shame but I admit I am a jobless student BUM... I drink pints, I do not serve them, I buy clothes, I do not sell them. Plus once you get a job while your a student you keep that job until your 30 and paid off your student debts. I want a graduate job. Correction, I want a WELL PAID graduate job.
  3. A HusbandNever thought I would be the one for marriage but after being proposed to twice from boyfriends I dumped quickly after saying no, and falling madly deeply in love with someone I'm still not over, I fantasize about the idea of wearing a Vera Wang down the runway, ahem, I mean isle taking a diamond encrusted baguette ring from Gerard butler. So right now even though I'm off the idea of a boyfriend, a husband is still wanted. In 5 years, maybe 7.
  4. A CarFour tests and I've still not passed, frigging codswallop! I was happy with my last test conditions though. Taking it in a different area than home, and going the exact way the independent driving took me (how many of us have fudged up on independent driving, honestly) and in an unfamiliar car, I had had only 4 lessons in it. Maybe 5th time lucky eh? 

So yeah, NOT READY!

Think its a mature way of thinking despite how fundamentally childish I can be (NIPPLES).

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