Hair Crush: Ginger


Whitney's Big Brown Eyes make this look cute because its more toward the Auburn shade than Ginger. perfect for her skin tone, however I do suspect she has applied fake tan because she's usually much pinker and paler.

Blake Lively could get away with any warm shade of blonde to red because of her pink/brown tones.
Her green eye colour compliments the hue gorgeously. She's an embasador for strawberry blonde everywhere.
Cintia Dicker Brazilian model of German decent has gorgeous red hair and the perfect body to boot. Her freckles go amazing with her red locks and so do her green eyes. She tans easily due to her red pigmentation but also looses the tan easily. Girls like Cintia NEED to wear SPF
More of a J.LO  Caramel Aurburn than the strawberry locks I am after but look at that Plait, so delicate in intricate tones swirling down the plait in neat/messy fashion. 

At the moment I have bright Red/Purple Hair and so I will need to do a Color B4 to get back to what I was like before I put directions on my hair.
I really don't want to use a box dye on my hair/head because it smells horrible and stings like hell.
I've tried searching the new olia and foam range but they don't have the shade I want.
I use directions and they are lovely on my head and very moisturising but they wash out so easily and stain every towel and pillow I own.
They don't have this shade either so I will have to mix like I did last time and make my own shade.

Cate Blanchett in Benjamin Button is ginger Perfection to me.
Soon enough I will have this hair and show you how I did it.

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