Review of Mega Watt: L.A Colors, Color Craze

What it looks like indoors
I bought this nail varnish thinking that it would be a taupe colour or beige and it is but it has huge amounts of pink shimmer running through it.
I needed THREE coats of this to really make it stand out and honestly I was disappointed with it at first glance.
I have natural white tips so, when I do wear nail varnish I want it to cover up my natural, french look and give me a solid colour, this however didn't do that.
After three coats you can still see hints of my natural white tips underneath and this annoyed me.

What It looks like outside/daylight w/o flash
Throughout the day it did grow on me a little and it really is a sweet, demure and classy colour.
I can imagine it working well with some glitter added to it or some pigment and i think I will try this at a later time when my nail art skills have grown.
If I knew what colour it was, I probably wouldn't have bought it, because I'm not a massive fan of pink nail varnishes unless they are matte and have no sheen.
However I am trying to experiment with nail varnishes as I think they give a girl a really well-maintained look, and my style is definitely veering towards the Kate Middleton type of style.

One of the great things about these nail varnishes as well is they last really long before chipping and that is without a base coat and top coat which I have at home at my  mums house and not here in my student accomodation. So excellent value for money for chip resistance.
Another great thing is the weight of the nail varnish, some cheaper brands are like oppulant tar on your finger tips, Rimmel is a classic example, little colour pay off but with weight.
These nail varnishes have hardeners in them also, so i recommend them if you are trying to grow your nails.
Providing you use a nail varnish remover with added conditioner you nails should feel extremely strong and nourished using the L.A Color nail polishes.
What It looks like outside/daylight with flash

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