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Since starting my degree it has been drilled into me to get as much journalism experience as possible, whether that be online writing new stories, reporting court cases, or any other news journalism. This is so important to me in my first year as for my 2nd and third year I will be dong PR and the business of magazines, so for my 2nd year I will be aiming for work experience in a PR based company, and my third year I will aim for a magazine work experience.
With all this information you can imagine my happiness when after emailing my towns local paper for some work experience during the summer they emailed me back accepting the offer!!!


The email I read from them said, that they are happy for me to do three weeks work experience, (as it is a weekly paper and to get the most out of the process of running three weeks will be best for me), that I need to send them a CV and any work that I have done.

All the journalistic writing I have done has been in class, and I feel I need to get something published to be eligible and worthy to them. So this post is kinda a heads up saying, "I won't be around, I have journalistic writing to get done and published", so tally-ho lovelies and wish me luck!

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2 Holla's

  1. Heey :) I'm a first year Journalism student too and have just secured work experience in my town's newspaper haha - what a coincidence! Although mine is a week.. So hard to find work experience these days!

    Good luck with the rest of your degree :) xxx

    1. It must not be that hard, we've done it :P
      Imagine if it was in same town! Parallel universe or what!
      Good luck darling, make sure to dress to impress :) and write like a BAWSE!


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