Every three/two months or so, depending on how much nooky I am getting, (currently single so ahemmm, none) I have an underwear haul, especially knickers.
Somewhere in Angus thongs and full frontal snogging Jazz says to Georgina that thongs make your arse sagg due to the lack of support, this is probably codswollop but I kinda believe it, in my own geeky little way. 
Since then and due to the fact that in the past 7 years knickers have become unbelievably Cute and Girly I'm more inclined to wear the brief and boxer than the thong.
The  control briefs are probably by far the unsexiest, of all the lot, but when you have 21 years of christmas pudding podge they can be your best friend for making that gut be more like an ironing board in a bodycon dress.
I go to the Mecca of cheap underwear that is Primark when I am doing a haul, I love their patterned packs of five for £3 when it comes to bulk buying pants, then they have sets (bra and pants) as well in some really pretty colours, patterns and designs. Primark have really impressed me this year in terms of fashion and lingerie.

Now heres a couple of photo's of my underwear, just to show you the range of variety on offer at primark, this isn't the end of my underwear haul though because I will be scoping out places like Anne Summers, Boux Avenue and Victoria Secret for the sexy stuff and M&S and debenhams for the more "controlled" collections.

I usually buy a pack, these I wear with loose fitted jeans and make sure I get a size up so I don't get that four buttock look you get when knickers are too tight and you have VPL (visable panty line), these are also what I call my safe pants, these are the one's and style I will wear when its coming round to me menstruating, so if I do have a mishap I'm not that bothered about ruining my favourite knickers. 
I always buy what I call lazy-panties, these are the ones you would lounge around in, I rarely wear these outside of the comfort of my own house, always have this terrifying image that a gust of wind will take my skirt leaving everyone seeing my sponge bob square pants.
Then I always buy pretty lacy things that are neutral in colour, white, black, beige, pink, so they go with any type of standard lace bra in the same colour. Here'go always matching.
Then on the off chance I run into Gerard Butler in Starbucks where he falls in love immediately I am fully prepared.

Does anyone else do a quarterly knocker haul or just me?
Tell me if you do.

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8 Holla's

  1. I love VS pink underwear! Especially the ones with the lace around the top! Too bad nobody's seeing mine either but oh well! Haha

    1. lol, we can feel sexy for ourselves can't we xx

  2. I don't think I've ever worn control briefs, but I feel like somehow models can make them look sexy... and it's all a lie. I do like a bi-yearly underwear haul. I'm still wearing my underwear from high school.

    1. Models can wear bin bags and look sexy, they do some gorgeous full briefs these days! But however these don't control your tummy :(

  3. haha this is great. i never know how to control my podge in a bodycon dress!


    1. Your welcome Laura :)
      Just don't plan on pulling that night if you wear them :D

  4. I do the same thing, and usually buy the cheap packs of ten. They aren't the most flattering undies in the world, and i don't think my boyfriend likes the fact that i'm a cheap-skate when it comes to buying undies. But everytime I go out to buy new undies, I stand and stare at the expensive rack and I just can't do it. Next time, i tell myself, next time.

    Fantastic blog. I love your style of writing. Instant follower.

    lo and behold

    1. Lol, i wonder if they buy sexy boxers for us? pretty sure they don't so they can get what they are given, plus its not the knickers but what is underneath that counts....

      Oh My!! I'm a walking cliche
      haha x


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