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How to make Your own Toner

Toners are like the calmers of the skincare social group, the one that stops the cleanser breaking out and knocking out the moisturiser. The toner calms the face after a good scrub/cleanse, takes away the leftover debris and preps the face for moisturiser time.
Toners are the mild second cleanse for the surface of the skin, the sweeping brush if you will.
But Toners can be godly expensive and with their ingredients available to us all for a fraction of the price I'm gonna break down what's in them and how you could make your own for the same price as a chippy tea.


Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is a natural Astringent, and astringents are tissue binders, which is great for anyone suffering from acne, breakouts, sunburn as the skin expands and of course wrinkles as the elasticity in the face gets loose and the skin spreads. This is the only ingredient that you can't eat pure as it makes the mouth super dry, like you get with banana's (its found in banana's). As its a binding ingredient, it binds any mucous membrane which therefore makes it great for anyone with fungal infections, or acne, as the yellow puss in acne is mucous.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is the hydrogen carrier, it carries the bodies most important resource, water, all around the body feeding our vital organs with oxygen so they can perform faster and more efficiently, using vitamin E as its tour guide. Secondly to this it acts as an antioxidant but because this isn't its primarily function, vitamin E was included in the ingredients to pack the punch to do all the work on your skin you need. 

Mineral Water
Mineral water is what the vitamin C will carry, hydrogen is the daddy of all minerals in this mix as without it, your face cannot be moisturised and without it you would have nothing to bind all three other ingredients together. 

Liquid Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and it kills superoxide's, superoxides is like the toxic acid found inside your stomach that kills microorganism, stomach acid is highly corrosive due to this. Once the superoxide has done its work in the stomach, vitamin E comes along and neutralizes it and makes way for hydrogen to moisturise the stomach lining. 
Its great for your skin, because it leads the way for hydrogen carriers like vitamin C to get to your cells, its fantastic for its moisturising properties in and on the body, also it being an antioxidant like vitamin C really helps the immune system and overall health of your skin. It works like a Cell cleaner. Cleaning away dead skin cells and letting vitamin C and the hydrogen found in the mineral water replenish your new layers.

Quick breakdown

Witch Hazel binds the nasty stuff in skincare jail, while vitamin E kills them, and guides vitamin C to all the places they have destroyed to restore back to its former glory with the Hydrogen found in the mineral water.
That Simple
All of these ingredients can be either found online at Amazon or a local herbalist like Holland and Barrats.


To make a 4 month supply
Heat 250mls of Mineral Water in a pan, and let it get to a low simmer.
Add four tablespoons of vitamin C powder and stir till disolved.
Add four tablespoons of vitamin E liquid and stir till disolved
Add 500ml of Witch hazel and simmer for around 10mins
Take of the boil and leave to cool in a fridge overnight
Pour into spray bottles of any size
Store in a refrigerator
Shake before use
Apply like a regular toner.

If you only want to make a months supply and leave the rest of the ingredients locked away for another make, divide it by four, you can also add perfume in the form of essential oils but these will change the formula and if you are oily skinned may not be the best idea, and normal perfumes contain alcohol which will dry out the skin.
The whole cost of the ingredients comes to around £20 which is the same cost for a bottle of Elemis Apricot Toner, but this makes 4 lots so its around £5 per bottle and last twice as long, plus you have the ingredients to make more if you so wish.

Thank you very much for reading guys, if you try this I'd love to hear your thoughts over on Twitter, or leave me a blog comment to tell me what you think of this post. I'd love it if you could follow my BlogLovin too.
Ta Ta

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