Cosmetic Surgery Journey (Part Deux)


This has been a long time coming, and since actually having the guts to write about my decision to have rhinoplasty in my last Cosmetic Surgery Post I received some great comments that basically restored my faith that what I was considering was the best thing. The best thing for me.
Today (29th July 2013, if you're reading this later) I went to leeds to have a consultation, so I'm gonna talk you step by step how my day has been, right down to the magazines in the waiting room to the colour of the nurses jacket.

9:20 Woke up after a massive 11 hour sleep, I must have needed it because as soon as I laid down I was GONE. I dreamt oddly of being made to look like a comic-con character with some old school peers, wearing a bright blonde wig and a black dress. (You will realise the irony of this later)

11:20 I got on the bus to sheffield city centre to get the train to leeds

11:55 Got on the train to leeds

12:45 Arrived at Leeds the meanwhile my phone had lost battery on the train journey so I couldn't use GPRS on it to find my consultation address, this meant I had to go to the Tourist information centre and ask the lady behind the counter to google it and then draw it on a printed map. This HAD to be the most uncomfortable experience of my life as I had to explain the nature of Harley Medicals Business, when I uttered "cosmetic surgery" she looked at me like I'd just shat on her grandson.

1.30 After following the treasure map to find the city of chopped noses, I stood outside what I thought was the Harley Medical and pressed the buzzer repeatedly for 10 minutes, then walked down the road in a "how-dare-they-be-so-rude" mood and found the actual place, in which I chuckled to myself for being so dim.

1:45 Filled out a medical questionnaire, and one of the questions were have you ever had a ECG, which is a heart monitor, which I though was a brain scanner, so I ticked yes. Saw that there was a TOP GEAR magazine on the table which meant to me that Cosmetic surgery is not all feminine.

2:00 Met the nurse and she took me the consultation room, she was wearing a black dress, and had BRIGHT BLONDE HAIR. (Can you see the irony), she also wore a pink blazer, and I noticed that even though she was a plus sized girl she was absolutely stunning.

The Consultation

The procedure of rhinoplasty is more complicated that just scraping off the hump, I learned that they have to shave down the sides of the nose to make a steep "hill" then they flatten that hill, so it looks like a parallelogram and not a triangle, then they shave the sides off again to get the triangle back, just without the height and humps that it had previously.
This really opened my eyes to how uniform the nose can be made because you're working on each side simultaneously, then once the shape is achieved the nose is rotated to fit in line with the centre of the face.
I also talked to her about my tip, and the depth of the nose, and she assured me, having gone through the same procedure herself that they can modify every single angle of the nose shape.

I was then told the price and was FLOORED by how all the things I needed covering and extra revisions if need be would cost me. I was pleasantly surprised that a tip re-shape, a narrowing, a straightening and a hump flattener would only be £4,220!!! AMAZING. Thats including the £500 deposit.
I cannot wait to pay the £500 and as soon as I have those funds available the date will be booked.

The length of recovery
I learnt that the post-operational check ups can last upto a year, this gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction, because they're quick fixes out there that chop you to bits and never see you again after 4/12 weeks. Harley Street Medical can take care of any problems post operation upto 12 months, as it takes over 9 months for swelling inside your nose to totally go, plus if an individual requires an extra surgery to make it even smaller due to a very large nose they do that too, FREE. This is looked at after 12 months due to the swelling needed to go before any more surgical procedures are considered. I was ensured that this would not be needed for me because although my nose is (to my eyes) big, it isn't big enough that I would need two surgeries to get what I would like.

Patient Cooperation
The nurse never mentioned that the patient should do this OR ELSE but it is desired that all the instructional advice given after surgery should be done. Just to get the best possible outcome, and when I am advised something about the outcome that my face will benefit from I am gonna do it, especially as I have been hating my nose since I was a teenager.

Thank you so much for reading, if you are considering surgery yourself for confidence reasons, or have had a nose job I would love to talk to you about it, you can follow me on Twitter, Google+, and Bloglovin. Ta Ta.

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