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As you guys might have heard me and a fellow blogger Tilly, have decided to get fit over social networks and add each other on myfitnesspal to keep ourselves spurred on. We decided this lovely venture together on a sorrowful saturday and I say sorrowful because chocolate and cake have sincerely fell out with me.
This is going to be a half week post, simply because we started it from friday so it hasn't had time to go full, wednesday to tuesday meal follow up and thoughts and feelings on those days. This is kinda a little preview of what is to come out of mine and Tilly's blogs in the near future.

Vital Statistics 

Height: 5"2
Weight: 132.75lb (9st 7lb) (60.2kg)
Waist: 29in (74cm)
Hips: 41in (104cm)
BMI: 24.3


Weight: 110lbs (7st 12) (49.9kg)
Waist: 24in (61cm)
Hips: 35in (89cm)
BMI: 20.1

I would like to lose more inches than I would weight, which means I need to start to add weight lifting to my workouts.

So lets begin guys, if you feel like joining in on the fun with me and Tilly add our myfitnesspal usernames, mine is njay12 and tilly's is tillykjohnson. I also upload the pictures to my instagram so if you wanna check that out too if you're not dieting but just wanna track how I'm doing my instagram is Kewteepye.


Friday was the day of determination for me, hoping that logging my daily intake into myfitnesspal would stave me off the biscuits, I was tempted mind you but seriously wanted to do this to get rid of the muffin top that was starting to form across my midriff, I'm not overweight at all but I do not feel comfortable being the heaviness I am at the height I am, friday was the best day for willpower for me and I credit that down to a large calorific breakfast.
I think that really helped me get through the day as it totally perked me up.
Mum lovingly helped with keeping the calories down for dinner and we totaled it up on our gadgets and then scoffed away. There was little hiccup, which was the sugar but I managed to keep under my calorie goal of 1,300 which is fair business to me.


I work on saturdays so the cafeteria food (which is quite delicious) had to suffice. One thing that put me off eating from there in the future while I'm dieting is that I don't know the exact content of the meals, the chicken curry that is entered wasn't a true representation of what I had because I didn't know what was in it, so in future I shall be taking my own food to work with me. There was a slight illness that I experienced at work and due to the calorie restriction has made mother nature come approximately two weeks earlier than designed. I have never heard of such things happening to other women who are dieting so I put it down to a possible change in hormone levels. I came home earlier than I was supposed to finish (4 hours earlier) and went to bed. I was shattered.


Sunday was really really bad, I had a mcdonalds bagel for breakfast, snacked on muffins, cookies and cans for dinner and later had more cookies and homemade fish and chips. Not good. It was all under my calorie intake for the day though, and I'm starting to notice I'm feeling less bloated around the belly. I don't feel as stiff as I did before due simply for the fact that I'm not consuming so much salt and sugar in biscuits and fizzy drinks. I can hear you all saying "but hold on, ain't chocolate and coke really sugary?". And I agree it is, but I feel I needed it because saturday my blood sugar levels were so low, I conked out.


 photo 81cbab9da88b1ec64f9b728f30c90442_zps7f9702ed.jpg
Forgive me great dieting god, forgive us our chippy tea that trespass against lips, and lead us not to the chippy temptation, and deliver us from salt and vinegar evil. My father has been in the UK for some few days and he decided to come to my house on the monday night after we had had our dinner and asked where the nearest chippy was. Rude not to join him, I'm still under 2000 calories so I'm ok with that and all the other things I had eaten were particularly healthy, so I have no real quarrel with myself.


 photo e0d5589ebc5ae76794df6f39a3b56742_zpsd587aea8.jpg photo b38679c8a2fe9dad57cf719e2adfeea2_zpsea7b97ee.jpg
This was a really healthy day for me, me and my dad went to rother Valley country park and sunbathed, I caught loads of sun on my back and we went to the supermarket and had a little picnic, I read my course book and studied while he soaked up the rays, it was a nice day and he wasn't hankering after british grub. So everything that I ate was very healthy, when we came back I came back to a tomato and cheese pasta bake that my mum had lovingly cooked, the pasta bake that I had eaten wasn't the same as the one i've put down here because it was home made, but the calories were around the same.


The only exercise I really get is walking to the bus stop and back which is around a ten minute walk from my house, I try to do more than 10,000 steps a week with a pedometer I attach to my clothes and I've been getting off the bus earlier than usual in the bid to shed some hip jelly. I have some workout DVD's that I adore to do that will become more of a regular feature and the videos that I love will be mentioned in tomorrows post, so stay tuned for that one darlings.

Thank you so much guys, for reading, I'd love for you to leave a comment, or add me on the myfitnesspal app, recipes and workout advice and suggestions are much appreciated. If you're also trying to get healthy for 2013 I would love to hear all about it, join us in the Workouts & Weight Loss Wednesday and maybe there could be more names in the title line. Lets start something fabulous. If you wanna keep updated too, add me on GFC, Google + or Bloglovin. Ta Ta, Darlings.

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