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Blogger in her natural habitat at 8pm on a saturday night, making homemade soap wrapped in a duvet.

I saw this picture last night and it kinda sums up how my life was in the midst of blogging, lonely. To some degree I was doing it to fill some time up and take my mind of the fact that my friends hardly wanted to spend anytime with me and that I even though everyone knew my number I wasn't getting a "hey, how are u?" text just to talk.
It seems to me that the "blogger" status has some very negative connotation of a vain loner who cares more about her makeup than her friends and wants to be more a internet sensation, than a well liked and social person. Its also a competative medium, which one blogger in particular used her "louis vitton" bag in every photo to get more SEO brownie points. 

So what I'm tryna say is, I've been missing in action because I'd rather live my life than write about makeup and MAC's new collection because even though they are great and I love their 90's drag queen throwback, I wanna write about what is important to me.
Not get search links for a company that won't even know me personally.

Now for the stuff I want you to know

I have just started my second year at university and I am eagerly awaiting my first assignment honestly, its quite exciting to be a geek. I've moved into my new massive student house with my course friend aridja and her friend nimo, I have aquired the attic room, which is delicious and has its own stairs to the kitchen.
In regards of university I have picked my specialist subjects and I'm really interested in getting to know about PR and the business of magazines. I've also joined the rowing club and the equestrian (horse riding) club and should be having my first riding lesson very soon. The equestrian club have also promised to teach me on basic horse care, which im really eager about. 
In addition to this i've also joined a programme called BUNAC which will find me a job in america for the summer and get me a working visa for 4 months, I'm finally doing what I've been scared to do, and maybe i've hid behind beauty blogging to make my options a more "stay at home, work at home" bolt. 
After university I've been wanting to go into the Royal Air Force to do something with either pilot or public relations, not something that is usually female, but femininity is not your job, its your vibe.

I'm gonna be writing about that.

Thanks for all you that have stuck by me, in my time of blogger drought, but if you still stick with me I will hopefully inspire you to put the makeup brush down, stop focusing on how you look and focus on something that means something to you.

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