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Ever wanted to have a virtual book shelf, let the people you digitally communicate with know what your reading, what you think about the book and review it. Well I have stumbled on Shelfari, which has probably been out there, proud because it has ALOT of users, for quite some time and I'm a late comer to the literary party, but it still looks pretty awesome and I'm gonna use it.


Its a bit busy, kinda like Amazons interface, there is a lot of information to omit, that's if you want to, on every page theres an option to go to another 10+ so your back button is gonna be overloaded and your history is gonna be chocker with this sites cookies. What I do know about every website i've ever used, you click on the website logo, and your transported to the homepage of said website where you navigate more easily to your preferred digital destination. It would be hard for a non-digital native to use, its not simple enough for people who are slow on the internet. For avid internet users however its a doddle, once you've figured out all the social networking possibilities, its really simple.


  • Create and share a digital inventory of books
  • Rate and review books
  • Recommend books 
  • Search for books based on interest and other search queues, popularity, topical tags, subject and author.
  •   Share books over social networks
  • Connect with other users via groups and editing book reviews


I am going to install the widget on my navigation links, so hopefully you will join me on shelfari, I'd love to know what your reading, so leave a comment on this blog post or more appropriately sign up to it with your amazon account and play around with your favourite books. All this reading talk has me considering purchasing a kindle. 

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