New Years Eve/Day 2014

New Years Eve and Day made me realise that I have the best people around me, new years eve I went around to a friends house and had a drink, I didn't dress up, I met a new person and got on with them like I'd always been friends with them. It felt really nice to be surrounded by people who have known you for a while and feel totally comfortable in their presence.
New Years Day I had dinner at my Nanans and ALL of my mums side of the family was there, which was fantastic, we didn't look at our phones, and we played pick up sticks with all of the family, and it was so nice to see the competitiveness and highly amusing.

I bet all you could hear was oooooooo-aaaaaaaa and then applause and maybe a "oooh so close" when they didn't get it.
The rules to the game are simple, you let the sticks go and have to pick each one up individually without disturbing the others, it sounds simple, but if you haven't got deadly still hands its quite hard to do, the winner was my step dad in the end as we had a little tournament.

I love the end of the year with my family, as my Nanan puts on a gorgeous spread, we all have something to drink, apart from Joshua because he's only 7, but he's fantastic at drafts.
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