Vegan: What I eat In a Day

A lot of people ask me what I eat in a day because they can't fathom a diet without meat or diary in it, so constantly when I have to ask a waiter to get me out the allergy book so I can check that their dishes don't have cow in it I get accosted with questions about why and protein and other things, its highly annoying. So this blog is going to perfectly highlight what I eat and how much protein I get. That way I can just right them down the URL to this blog post and get on with eating my dinner.

Breakfast Choices:
1 Toast with 40g of Peanut Butter
1 Toast with 40g of Soya Cheese
Muesli with Rice or Coconut milk
Scottish Oats with Hot water
Fruit and plant milk Smoothie
Fortified Cereal with plant milk
Scrambled Tofu
Banana dairy free pancakes
Fruit Bowl
Plus Many More...

Dinner Choices:
Vegan Carbonara (Yes you read that right, its super tasty and super healthy)
Vegan Shepards Pie (Yes again, you're not seeing things)
Vegan mushroom pepper paste burgers
Butternut squash Coconut Curry
Tofu Pak Choi Coconut Curry
Vegan Enchiladas
Meat Free Tortilla
Ratatouille (for your left overs)
Spinach Salad
Plus Many More...

Side Dish Choices:
Sweet potato fries
Mixed salad
Humous Cous Cous
Jacket potato with VEGAN BUTTER
Sautéed Red Cabbage
Stuffed Eggplant
Plus Many More...

So my day consists with a Breakfast choice at around 8:30/9:30 dependant on what time I'm at work, two dinner choices, one with a side dish choice, one at 4:00 and one at 8:00. I eat my small dinner choice without the side dish at 8:00 because I will be up only about 3/4 more hours.
So heres a couple of pictures from my creations-


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