About Me


  • Gemini
  • University Graduate in Journalism and Media
  • I live in Yorkshire
  • I have two cats (Update 2019: one died, my remaining cat bae is Bella, a turtle shell Sassy bitch)
  • I like to sew
  • Lightweight (when it comes to drink)
  • I am my mum's only child but my fathers 2nd out of 4, but I was the third one he met!
  • Florida is my second home
  • I prefer England to Florida #shocker
  • I am in a relationship
  • I drive
  • I work full time
  • I live with my boyfriend in a two bed roomed stone front terrace, just on the outskirts of barnsley. 
  • We rent
  • We are saving for a mortgage
  • I am in college doing an AAT Level 2 that will give me more knowledge to do my job.

About Kewteepye Blog
I like to write, I went to university to do it and then ended up with a job that requires very little writing because it is all number based, this blog is me finding my style of life. I am a woman who can't get out of bed, who has more bad habits than good, prefers afternoons than nights or mornings and genuinely someone you DON'T WANT TO ASPIRE TO BE. 
But that being said, I like to find easy shit to make my life seem easier, when it comes to having my finances sorted, I am your woMAN. I tell my boyfriend where everything is in the house because I have one of those woman memories who can fly through her house in her psyche and know where his hats are.
My cat likes my bloke more than she does me and really if I like it and I wanna spend money on it it, it is because it is genuinely making my life easier to manage. So if this blog kicks out any reviews, trust me, I don't like to buy shit. And if it works out shit, I will tell you not to waste your money on it, or I'll go back to the drawing board to try using it a different way.
I don't know what I want Kewteepye to be, it's been running for near on 6 years and I'm just getting around to SEO-ing it. (SEO-ing, is that a word, well it should be, because its hard to say and even harder to do) but if you like it, I really hope you do, then please let me know. 

My Use of affiliate links
I have never received something from a brand, so if I am reviewing something I will have bought it, even if I get lucky enough to be sent something from a brand I will tell you. I would of course like to monetize my blog, who wouldn't, but I don't want it to cost you anything. Which is why I use affiliate links, affiliate links are just links from retailers saying "thanks for the recommendation, and the traffic from your blog, here's a few penny's". And trust me it is penny's! It is usually a percentage of the cost of the product, and NOTHING in this blog is gonna review anything over £100.
I also have a DEALS page, where you can find deals for BT who I work with as an affiliate. I have my broadband with them and find their customer service second to none. If you use my links to purchase something they again will pay me a commission. That is a bit more than the few penny's and more in the few pounds category but I want to be as honest with my readers as possible!
You can take those links or leave those links! 

I don't want you to feel forced to use my links, I want you enjoy my content. 


  1. You have some awesome posts there. Keep up the good work :). Love your blog ;)