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Watches have become a current style must have of the 2010's, the corporate look is very admirable at the moment with suits, tight dresses and tasteful bling being one of the requirements to get the desirable professional look.
Steven Viscusi thinks wearing a flashy but tastefully classy wristwatch can land you a job, and has expressed this opinion on Huffington post, read the article here. I must agree, if I was an employer and the candidate came in wearing a nice watch while suited and booted I would think very highly of that person, on the other hand if the watch is very expensive, perspective employers may think the minimum wage position you are applying for is just out of touch with your delusions of grandeur.
I've currently been looking and wanting a watch, I would like to buy my boyfriend and me one as soon as I have the available funding, I've never bought someone a gift of this calibre before, so it will be a first for me. I went on the watch shop as looking on eBay was rather tedious searching through all the fake Gucci, jelly and shamballah watches, and because I like watches with rather large faces these are my favourite picks.

The first two watches are from Emporio Armani, just with different face colours, the difference in price has me a little stumped, but its probably due to popularity of the black face. The black face is a bit more striking than the blue, but the blue makes the metal straps look cleaner.
The last two are ladies watches, a larger Bulova watch with a white face and a pink and white DNKY watch. The Bulova one to me is a bit more corporate, a work meeting watch, and the DNKY is more of a girly afternoon brunch type watch, depending on what your watch represents, is how I would choose mine. The Bulova one is more appealing to me as the face is bigger by 9mm, and its a metal bracelet, however its not a chronograph, therefore you cant use it as a stop watch and the weighted variety create kinetic energy that keep your watch powered when you wear it. This is the downside but as watch batteries are really cheap, the Bulova is still taking my fancy and at £149 its not to be sniffed at.

From Left to Right: Gold Bulova, White and Gold DNKY, and Rose and Silver DNKY. I'm still liking the Bulova more, its face is much bigger than the other two's and the gold colouring looks really bright and I can imagine it to be rather iridescent when something of another colour shines on to it. I'm lusting after this watch. I have quite small wrists, so something this big surrounding my wrist would look really nice. The DNKY watches are nice as well and the three extra dials really look cool.

The first and last are the same but in different colour, even though everyone and their dog are getting a little wet for rose gold, I don't like it, I like the gold better, the two in the middle are really nice but the beau hates gold, nae bother to me, I'll have the gold one for myself.

Reyt, thats all folks, toodlepip x

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