Job Interview Style: Cheap vs Luxury


So I have a couple of interviews lined up, I have one Tuesday in Sheffield, and one Thursday in Manchester both for marketing roles which is booming business and has possible scope for progression. The application pack for the Manchester role said that I was required to wear business dress specifying dark suit type clothes with a a blouse or shirt. I will have to buy these any ways for the Thursday interview, I think I should buy them before hand on Tuesday morning ready for my afternoon appointment in the city centre of Sheffield. 
I was looking at business clothes and realised that I had to speculate to accumulate, as first impressions really count in a direct marketing role, you are the first point of contact between the client and their account in the sector you are marketing. I have put a number of suits on ranging from the cheap, very cheap and moderately expensive, and put these into an understanding of how many accumulations (your time) are you going to have to use to justify your speculations (money already spent), I've basically explained how these items depend on how many hours you are going to have to work before you see the fruits of your labour.
All together this outfit comes to £62.97 and at a £20k job it would take you 6.15 hours to earn back what you'd spent on this outfit. Six hours is 75% of a full day, from the hours of 9am to 3pm you would be making the money back from the suit you have bought.
On a £20k job it would take you 4 hours to earn the money back spent on this outfit. From 9am to 1pm you would be working to pay this off, as most jobs are eight hour days this is half of your day, and if you don't get paid for your lunch it would be that you are working off this suit from 9am to 2pm.

Lets look at something a bit more up-market in our outfit search to fully understand how many hours its actually takes to earn a designer suit.
This Ted Baker comes to a staggering £407 for the trouser and jacket complete textured set and a plain white shirt, when you think about how many hours you have to do to pay this off its mind boggling. At a £20k job you will have to work 39 hours to pay this off. A monthly season train ticket from Sheffield to Manchester costs less than this suit , how crazy is that?

How I did the sums, £20k divided by the weeks in the year, 52 weeks, divided by the number of hours of a full time position, which is 37.5, it equates to £10.25 an hour, divide how much you are paying by £10.25 and that is the amount of hours you have to work before the fruits of your labour have covered the cost of your work wear.
It really puts into perspective, what you have to do in order to have nice designer things and also puts into perspective what your time is really going on, as money is a transaction resource, you could open your closet look at the amount of clothes you have and quantify the numbers of hours you have done to get those clothes, everything you own which you have bought yourself from a wage has cost you time.

Now this is where the value of things change depending on your circumstance, 39 hours at £407 is a WEEK for a £20k, is a Ted Baker suit REALLY worth a week of your career? Could you not wait until your earning well above this? People are so obsessed that good things mean good outcomes but when you look at this way it doesn't really mean that much, now I understand why the recession didn't happen for the rich.

For someone on £25k a year a Ted Baker suit is 31 hours, and that's around 4 days in the working world, and the higher the wage goes the depletion of value is attached to the SAME piece of clothing, literally because the £407 Ted Baker suit becomes like a H&M suit in percentage of wage, its mad isn't, that the same piece of fabric will cost in hours different people, less or more purely on how rich they are. 

This is why I'm going to buy the cheapest suit, and jazz it up with some accessories, I can still look "expensive" buy adding some cheap accessories.

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