Veet Easy Wax Review

It's about high time that all aspects of beauty were considered rather than just cosmetics skincare and hair care, it's related to haircare but more to the side of removal and lack of.
I decided to pick up the Veet easy Wax as the advert had been niggling away at me since it was aired.
And I thought, I enjoy getting my legs waxed far more than doing the standing on one leg on the shower gymnastics and slipping on the shampoo.
So here goes review...

Brilliant, packaging. was cased in-between two sets of plastic. Neat little compact waxing kit that includes wipes, strips, wax, heating kit and instructions. Incredible ease of setting up, pop the cartridge in the heating device, connect the plug into device and mains and the light indicates that it's on getting warm, it is that simple. The Heating time is impressive, it states waiting 20 mins but I waited longer because when I tested it at 20 mins the roller would not budge, so I turned it upside down for a few seconds and let gravity do its thang!
The wax slid down onto the roller but I still waited at least 30 mins before touching.
Its really Easy to use, just roll down it leg, place strip on wax, rub in direction of hair growth and pull off in opposite direction of hair growt! Voila, cest smooth.
The results are great, I have missed a few hairs but that can be understandable seen as though it is my first time ever using it, plus you can't really feel your way around what you have removed as the residue it leaves is sticky!



The wax is pink :)


The Next Day
Some areas of my legs are a bit prickly like my knees and ankles but they are mainly smooth, they feel a lot smoother than shaving because the air gets to them more because they don't have hair follicles lodged in the pours making it nice and breezy on your legs, perfect summer feeling!




  1. wow ive never tried Veet before but ill try to find one :)

    1. They sell them in boots in UK and Walgreens in US, but I don't know about any other country!


  2. The fact that you achieved great results even though this was your first time using the product says something about its effectiveness. Based on your review, I can see that the Veet Easy Wax is fairly straightforward, which is something nice to have since waxing can be a gruesome process for some. Anyway, have you tried using it for the second time? If so, did it give you a similar result?

    1. I have been getting a bit of ingrown hairs on the inside of my shins, so I'm gonna have a look for a good ex foliating technique to compliment the waxing xx


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