Battle of the Moisturiser (DOVE vs Soap and glory)


Hello lovely readers, it's that time again when I get crack-a-lackin with another comparison posts, these are my favourite type of posts and I have two already; A Ben Nye comparison and a Gel Manicure Polish comparison. They were mostly comparing the price but this post will cover more about the performance of the two products.

First of all lets compare the packaging, soap and glory have clearly hit their target market which is 14-30 women who have a witty demeanor, the wording on the packaging is deliciously clever, with cute little quips and smart coo's. Every item of soap and glory is pink and yellow accents or visa versa and since they dominated the shelves at boots they have become iconic. The branding with soap and glory is just magnificent especially as it gets to target audience.
Not being the totally opposite, the Dove packaging is more demure especially as the target audience is more towards the older woman, and this is emulated in the packaging. The font is less cursive compared to S&G and the logo is more clean and not crowded with other designs, with dove it simply is all about the product and the packaging clearly states that.


Soap and glory
Smell- Beautiful smell, really reminds me of newborns, like a musky vanilla.
Life- An impressive 24 month since opening, I'm in the last 6 months of using mine.
Consistency- Thick, and heavy, very creamy.
Feel- Sticky, after applying it takes ages to dry, and its tacky, skin tends to drag.
Texture- Oily, it does leave a film of oil on the surface of the skin after, which makes me think that it doesn't sink in, it just spreads.

Smell- Clean fresh smell, more floral and like the soap (obviously not as pungent)
Life- 12 months which is the average for most moisturisers, had this for around 8 months
Consistency-Thick but light, the formula is "moveable" and springy, feels like a cold cream.
Feel- Cold and fresh, there is no clothes clinging, the skin just feels how it did but softer and less dry and rough.
Texture- More Water and gel based, leaves no residue, sinks in superb.


On reflection, if you're a bit of a beauty snob you might go for the soap and glory considering the overall status of the brand and packaging would look beautiful on anyones bathroom/bedroom vanity case.
Dove is considerbly cheaper than S&G at £3.99 for this particular lotion and Soap and Glories Daily Smooth is £9.00, so if you're looking for branding that will look pretty but make you feel clammy then go with Soap and Glory, if your wanting a moisturiser that you don't have to wait way past you should, and are able to chuck on your clothes after application then get the Dove.

I've really enjoyed this post and giving a full evaluation of each product, if you have either and wanna add something, or controversially totally disagree with me, I'd love to know, leave me a comment. Ta ta.

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