Revlon Naked Foundation Review: Dry Skin!!!

This post has been a extremely long time coming, and its going be a tad different to everyone else's review because I don't actually like it. WHAAAAA I can here you say, yep. Its not my cup of tea, and I'm gonna explain exactly why.
I got it on the day it came out which was the 15th of February, so I've had a full month and half to totally review it. It's a new foundation and face set by Revlon celebrity endorsed by Emma Stone (superbad, Easy A), it aims to be as natural looking a foundation for your skin.

The first day I tried it, it was on a 2.5 coach ride from Sheffield to Leicester and it was really matte and great, but what happened when I got back into my flat to check my face was odd, my face was flaking, I suffer with dry skin, so I would definitely not recommend this to people that have dry skin. Its sets to a powdery finish which is beautiful but if your face does not secrete natural oils as well as some oilier skinned babes it will look slightly CAKED.
I am extremely jealous of people with oilier faces, you have a beautiful shine about your face, and with a good cleansing routine you can control acne. The counteract of that is dry skin doesn't really get spots due to oil they are more hormone, stress or diet related, but the cleansers recommended for any type of spot are incredibly dehydrating. So it makes the situation worse.

How I made the foundation work for me. Similar to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid which is even more drying I combine some baby oil (my best skincare weapon for drying Skin) to the foundation. Instead of actually squeezing it into the tub, I apply a couple of drops to a cotton pad and then wiped my face with it, then blotted it off with some blotting sheets to get rid of any excess oil and then applied the foundation, with my fingers/hand.
One big massive down size is that it doesn't come with a pump, so I have to turn it upside down onto my fingers and then rub it in.

This makes a more dewy finish, then matte it with Stay Matte Rimmel Translucent Powder, this makes it less Vicky Sponge (cake), as the moisture is coming through the skin.
(keep saying that at the moment)

Medium, build-able.
Skin type: 
Oily/combination skin
Matte, the best matte I have ever seen.
Overall thoughts: 
Will need a primer if you have dry skin, as for oily skin, it is up there for foundations for matte-fying properties.

How It Looks On The Skin

With flash and without flash, the shade I've picked is shell, and this finished skin with blusher but not powder, as you can see its pretty matte, I didn't put this foundation over my ears so you can see that the way it blends in.
After my tweaking with natural oil to accommodate the dryness of the formula I would still give this foundation High marks, really impressive formula.

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  1. i love unique reviews like yours! the revlon foundation is slightly dry on me so i'll try the baby oil :) thanks for the tip!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. I'm glad you like, if I can at least help one dry skinned honey in my quest for soft skin and good coverage I have done my job

  2. Thank you- I too have dry skin and was curious about this product.

    1. The key to making this foundation work best is moisture moisture moisture


  3. I have dry skin as well so I would definitely like to try this! I have recently used a ps beauty website, they have a foundation finder that generates foundation recommendations based on your preferences and it was really cool.. nearly naked was one of the recommendations that's why I was curious to read some reviews.. Thank you for yours, I think I will try the foundation!

    1. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin, especially if you have no moisturisers or oils to help with it. However with oils and moisturisers its amazing xx

  4. I love this now. Bloggers influence me as I've bought it after loads of people have said it is amazing! Ha. I was pretty impressed too though. Fab pictures hun and love the blog! Xx


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