CrownBrush Unboxing & Review


CrownBrush is a colour company that specialise in pigment, previous to their cosmetic experience they have background in paint for both house/interior/ exterior and art, which is why they are fantastic when it comes to colour theory, colour shades and obviously brushes. I made a purchase from them and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the goods.
Heres a video on my initial thoughts of unboxing and first thoughs so you can see the reaction on my face when opening up the parcels.

What I recieved in my package was:
Professional 78 Palette
C405 contour
Dome Shadow Brush
C160 1/8 Angle
C409 Angle
C124 Firm Shadow

Delivery Time 
In the video I mentioned that I ordered on friday, and when I got home the saturday night as I work over the weekend I have a "oops we missed you" card on the doormat waiting for me, which in my eyes I though that is fantastic, as soon as I could get on the computer again which was sunday night I rearranged my delivery for wednesday and it came at 10/11am which was nice because I didn't have an obnoxious post man waking me by coming really early. The delivery was signed for as well which gives you that insurance that when you get it, its yours, and if it does go missing you can work out who has got it.
10/10 for Delivery

In the video I also mentioned how immaculately wrapped it is, its so secure I did have difficulty getting into box two. 

Overall thoughts
Loved everything I bought, I have tried the contour brush since making the video, and have to say its so soft and great a picking up the colour, the firm shadow brush too is good as it has a point on the end of precise application of colour.

Thank you very much for reading guys, if you watched the video and liked it please leave a comment either on the YT page or this post, you can follow me on BlogLovin, GFC or Google+. Ta Ta Darlings.

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3 Holla's

  1. I've been curious about crown brushes for the longest time! I need to try them out soon because I keep hearing good things about them!

  2. I absolutely love Crown Brushes! I've actually got a discount code for them on my blog until the end of August so if you want to order any more my link is! xx

    1. FINAJ13 I mention it at the end of the video! X


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