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Sorry about my tardiness with this post last week, as #wwwednesday happened Thursday, but I am back on, last week I had mentioned that I had been to the gym with a male friend of mine and I urged Tilly to do the same, so I am so intrigued to figure out how she did!
I loved the gym time, but what I hated/loved was the soreness that it brought, after the first two days the pain of straightening my right arm was unbearably painful, after the pain subsided, my arms felt like they could lift anything, super strong and easy.

Lets fill you in on how my week of food has gone!

My appetite has practically diminished and since my last weigh in I am now which is a loss of 8lbs which is half a stone, I feel lighter, I also feel a tad sexier, but that may be due to a new love interest that has entered my life, or he may have entrered it because I'm feeling sexier, its a catch 22 argument. 
Thank you for following along, and sorry for the late upload, I've had so many things on my mind at the moment and I'm studying for an exam so bare with me. Ta Ta.

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