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Its that time of week again when you get to read the lovely musings of our slimming stomachs on mine and tilly's blogs, this will be a full week, from wednesday to tuesday, so you get to see what we're doing and how much weight we have lost from week to week. As always I will be putting in my weight and measurements so you can see what I'm working with and also my goals and I'll also be including my weigh in per week from now, its a bit defeatist to constantly weigh yourself and measure yourself so this way you can see a true representation of how my body is transforming over the weeks to come.

Diet Diary


Had a really chilled out day, my dad finally went, and hes like a headless chicken so he really wears you out (i think I inherited my adhd from him), he left wednesday morning so wednesday was really relaxing and chilled out day. I didn't feel any illness and I had as much energy as I wanted to exert.


I cooked today and made everyone in our house a big chicken and bacon salad with loads of ingredients and homemade honey and mustard dressing and I assure you it was delicious, I ate it in faster time than it took me to prepare. I'm going to be taking over the cooking in our house more. It made me excited for when me and a friend from uni live together because then I can be the house cook.

Woke up starving, but had to do some things on the laptop before I could muster up the brilliance to get some breakfast. I feel thinner. I had a 400+ calorie breakfast which set me up for the whole day.

Like I prescribed for myself last week I actually made myself my dinner to take to work which enabled me to have an extra 300 calories spare for drinks, I also did a bit of walking as well. most of the food I packed were complex carbs (pasta, bread and potatoes) because I needed slow releasing energy for the mammoth 11 hour shift I was doing.

Do you know many calories are in alcohol, I had vodka, because I thought it was the most fat free alcohol and still managed to go over by a hell of a lot. I only had 6 vodka's too and this has really opened my eyes to how bad for your health alcohol is. Not only does it make your liver go yellow, it makes you fat. Who knew.
I also noticed something astonishing when I was battling my hangover at work, I become really emotional. I had a customer who would not take anything I was saying as truth and I literally cried when he was off the phone.

I didn't feel at all hungry monday even though I usually do when I am hungover but I had all day sunday to work that out, I woke up rather late too and I am noticing that I need plenty more sleep to cover the amount of calories I am skimping out on.


I blame the extra 72 calories on my mothers cooking, she has added me also on myfitnesspal, and where she has one big meal, I have three little ones. Its safe to say I'm the one losing weight faster, however on tuesday she cooked an enormous meal that appeared to be quite healthy, all of it together had come up to 872 which basically made my calories go over because I had had breakfast and snacks.

Favourite Meal of the Week

This was by far the most scrumptious thing I have eaten and it was all clean and fat free. I had so much fun making it, and I wanna share the Recipe.

Ceasar Salad KewTeePye Style

1 Tbsp Olive Oil (I used extra Virgin)
1 piece of toast 

Lettuce sliced
1 Small carrot grated
4 Salad tomato 8thed
0.5 Red Onion
Green Bell Pepper
20 Seedless Red Grapes Halved
3 smoked bacon rashers sliced in to thin strips
Chicken breasts 500g sliced in to thin pieces

20g American Style mustard
1 tbsp Clear honey
5 tbsp Olive oil

I'm slightly disappointed but I know why the progress has been slow, alcohol and no exercise.
So my prescription for myself in the future is to totally cut out alcohol even on a night out (invest in some compeed) and head to the gym more often. Now I have been paid I can look around for gyms that are cheap so I can have a go on the weights while I'm at home for the summer.

Thank you for reading guys, I'd love it if you could give me some words of encouragement to spur me on, as I think I really need it. If you would like to join me click HERE  and also add Tilly HERE. I would also love for you to follow me on GFC, Google + and Bloglovin for more #WWWEDNESDAYS.


  1. you are doing such a great job!

    from Brigitte at // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog

    dont forget to enter my RiRi Woo Giveaway Here


    1. Aww thankyou I really needed to hear that!
      After I saw the scales I was ready to give up and eat my weight in donuts


  2. I love this app, but I have never added my Alcohol. think I will try next time and I may shock myself into not drinking as much in the future :)
    Just found your blog and following on BL xx

    1. I honestly thought vodka was really low on calories!
      I'm gonna do some research into what are the Cheapest calories wise drinks!

      Thankyou Lyndsay J



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