Real Techniques Brush Review (and others)

Real Techniques

I've wanted some Real Technique brushes for over 6 months after I started watching Pixiwoo on YouTube and learnt that Sam Chapman (one of the Pixiwoo sisters) had her own range of brushes out. In fact they were my first ever subscribe and they taught me a lot about makeup and especially how to apply it.
When I was 19 my mum treated me to a MAC haul because I had received some bad news from the hospital and to cheer me up, she bought me a Brush Roll, a 219 pencil brush, and a Lingering Eyebrow pencil.
It was from there I really started with makeup (I know late bloomer) and wanted to make my collection bigger and better and for the age of 20 my mum bought me some body shop brushes for Christmas.
However these are all synthetic and the palette I received for Christmas when I was 19 was dry powder eye shadows so I abstained from have dramatic eyes till now.
Real technique brushes are all synthetic tipped and maybe all synthetic (I don't really know) but they pick up shadow really well compared to my body shop ones.

For Christmas I received two packs of Real Techniques brushes, the Core Collection for my face and they eye collection for.... my toess??? My eyes.

Buffing Brush
I use this brush for foundation, cream and liquid, I place the foundation on a hard surface like a clear palette and stab my brush into it and then stroke it on my face and then buff it in.
I also use it to buff in fake tan after I have applied to my face with a mitt, this allows for a better coverage.
When I want a fuller coverage I use my fingers and then buff it in.

Contour Brush
I use this for cream blush/highlighters only, especially MAC cream blushes and Ben Nye. I stroke the product on the area I want and then when the product is off the brush I buff it with circular motions to blend.
I then add more if needs be. I don't use this brush for anything else but cheek creams.

Pointed Foundation Brush
I use this brush for darker foundations to contour. I apply this to cheekbones, temples, jawline and use the point for the nose area. To blend I use the Buffing Brush with the excess foundation that I have used.
I use powder and cream for this brush.

Detailer Brush
I use this brush for eye shadow especially for the lid. I use this brush secondary to another eye shadow brush I use, therefore I use this for the second colour that it isn't used as much as the main colour.

Deluxe Crease Brush
I use this for concealer and cream eye shadows like MAC painterly. I wash it after I have used a cream eye shadow because its primarily function is concealer.

Base Shadow Brush
I use this to blend eye shadows together and for buffing out the crease contour.

Brow Brush
I use this seldom for the brows, I also use it for an eyeliner brush, and a nose contour when a straight line is needed.

Pixel Point Eye Liner Brush
I use this for my lips, for lip liner. I have a clear lip gloss I smear on my clear palette and then I add a shadow I mix with this and then apply to my lips. I use this for more edgy looks.

Accent Brush
I use this for the eye crease, I open my eye and go back and forth in motion then blend with base shadow brush and repeat if for a more dramatic cut crease.

I received the Wild Curls Gift Set also in this there is:
  • Wild Curls Mascara
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Gel Eyeliner
  • Slanted Eyeliner brush
  • Nail Stickers
I am really impressed with the whole set, especially the brush and eyeliner, the mascara is great too especially for a store own brand and the packaging is really pretty.

I wore a simple cat flick with a nude cut crease on Christmas day and my Uncle Mark aid I looked like KATY PERRY!

Think it was to do with the bright pink never mind the makeup, but I was flattered all the same.

Nanan (cajun word for grandmother) also bought me some brushes for Christmas which were synthetic and the blusher brush is great for powder brushes because I don't want to use my real techniques for powder so this was a life saver because my old blusher brush is so disgusting and knackered.

I am going to invest in a MAC 217 blending brush and a 239 Eye Shader Brush


  1. their brushes are definitely awesome! great review :)

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

  2. Thank you Vicky.
    I'm reading your blog now :)

  3. Lovely review. following you.
    I love them!!! I got my Real Techniques brush sets from and used a discount code and got free shipping! You can use discount code QIH951 (no expiration!) and get $10 off your entire purchase!=)

    1. I nearly have all of them apart from the new special edition ones, I'd have to get them in the UK as the money I would save in american dollars would not warrant the shipping costs, thankyou so much for your suggestions though! xx

    2. thanks a lot! I was planning to buy it when i visit UK, but now with the code i can ship it to my country and still cheaper somehow :PP


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