Gothic Antique Furniture Set

Gothic Revival oak bedroom suite by Crown Furniture, 20th Century, comprising double door wardrobe carved with Gothic arched panels and linenfold, width 128cm, height 183cm, a smaller double door wardrobe fitted with shelves, width 96cm, height 176cm, a kneehole dressing table, 118cm, and a 4`6`` bed with linenfold headboards

OH I Get Giddy When I Find An Antique!!!

Antique Auctions, Car Boots, and Antique Emporiums are by far the best place to shop for well made, hand crafted quality vintage furniture. I always like to customise my things and because my grandad is great at woodworking and taught me a few things, I can do modifications for pretty cheap without taking it to a specialist.

I like vintage styles for the living room, the hallway and stairs, and bedrooms, the kitchen and bathroom need to be completely modern design  just because they are easier to clean when they are made from harder material and they look wicked when they are shiny. A kitchen was not meant to be cosy, it was meant to be flash... ahahahaha GEDDIT!!

Oh Vintage Where Are You?....

When it comes to getting your antique on there is no place better than your high street, especially if you live in a sea-side town like Skegness, Cleethorpes or Scarborough.
I remeber having to pop into every second-hand/thrift store on Cleethorpes seafront because I was memorised by the distressed furniture inside. My love for antiques came at a very early age.

Another great place to look for these rare finds are emporiums, nearly every city will have one, my home city, Sheffield has two. One which the graces of google introduced me to, and another I frequently went past on the 32 bus into the city.

Sale auction websites are a must for antique furniture lovers.
The Sale-Room is of worthy note, its like Amazon and eBay for antiques, not only does it let you add things to your wish list, it has full descriptions of the time and place the lot you are wanting is going to be auctioned at. This gives you the necessary information if you choose to turn up, if you can't turn up because your cat died or you cannot be bothered, it lets you place absentee bids and log on the time of the auction and it will you give you live bid updates and bidding chances. HOW FANTASTIC! You better believe I am viewing that Gothic furniture set when it goes live.

Selling Antiques is also a good website for antiques, especially furniture, it not only gives you types of furniture but the period dates that it comes from, it has a fabulous range of Louis IX French selection, Tudor selection, Victorian and Georgian selections. Fantastic for all budgets, wadrobes for example can go from £120 for an Art Deco 1920's Piece to £12,850 for a Mahogany Linen Press Wardrobe.

Car Boot Sales, if you are British and you watch day time TV then you will have bound to have seen David Barby's Bargain Hunt! That and homes under the hammer are my guilty pleasers, so shoot me.
Watch Bargain Hunt Here

And Last of all eBay, I don't really like eBay for antiques just because its usually knock off and you can't haggle because of other bidders. I like to get a real bargain on my furniture as well just because its better for the bank account and you feel better knowing you've gotten away with getting something great for very little.

Right Amigos!
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