Right and Wrong: Morals,the law and desperation

What is right, and what is wrong?

Morals play a big part in human decisions to what is right and wrong, and morality varies in each individual. Something someone would never do is also something someone would do under certain circumstances and also something someone would do without no qualm or anguish.
Lets look at some things that would cause a lot of decision making for one person and none for another.

  1. Giving an organ to a family member; this is a highly moral decision, "my sisters keeper" is a perfect example of this type of decision and recent saviour sibling story-lines that have graced many soap operas, when is it right to give a organ, and when is it right to not.
  2. Abortion/ Termination of pregnancy; to someone that isn't ready this is an anguishing decision to make, all factors are included to why this child is better off not to be born than it is to be. Such as you have to look at the life it will have if it is to be born and also take into account the health of the mother. At the moment the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is in private care after suffering from a severe morning sickness, other mothers that have had this have been advised to terminate to save their own life.
  3. Commit someone for Mental health reasons; this could become a dispute between family members on how they should look at this situation, some people would agree that they need help, others will fight for them to have their full rights while at home. Its a moral decision for a family to take.
  4. Turn a life maintenance machine off; another moral decision that requires the factors to be taken into account, will the person wake up, what will the quality of life be for that person if they did wake up? A family moral decision again
  5. Put down a family pet; we've all seen 'Marley and me' haven't we when his stomach twists and he goes under the house to die :'( I was in tears.
These are examples of when the morals are applied to someone else and or the life of someone else. But what about when its us?

What if you have to step at the other side of your morals and the law to survive, especially in this current financial climate.
What would you do; if your house is about to be repossessed, your about to be evicted, you have eaten cold beans from the can for the past week, everyday is a duvet day to keep warm, you can't afford your gas or electricity, all your clothes are dirty.
You've tried your best to stay within your morals hoping that you everything will be better at the start/end of the month, would you steal a car and sell it for parts, grow cannabis for a dealer in your loft, would you mug someone, commit fraud, fake your own death for life insurance.

I'd love to employ everyone that is down and out on there luck or suggest go to the government  sometimes the government just doesn't help and I know that sometimes we need money fast. Since when does our morality coincide with how much money we have?
Its a sad concept and I hope to all my readers that they never become a moral changer to get money, because money comes and goes, but your morals will always decide what type of person you are.

Chin up 
And keep KEWT

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