Haul: Cosmetics High Street Vs High End

Lip Liner from Topshop
Price= £5
Shade= Ceramic
Reminds me of Spice Eyebrow pencil by MAC, (could use for eyebrows if redhead) and Gingerly by MAC, very deep pinky red shade with a pearl shine.
Greatest things= It stays put on skin, so fantastic if you have over drawn your lips for fullness.
Blush from Topshop
Price= £6
Shade= L-Neon Rose R-Head over heals
Doesn't remind me of any dupes because I only have one other cream blush and that is lady blush by MAC. These Topshop blushes are a lot more vibrant than Ladyblush as Ladyblush is quite mauve.
Bad things= Not workable over powdered skin, moves the powder. Can only be used with synthetic brush.
Greatest things= gorgeous packaging, vibrant, lasts all day, very dewy with great colour pay-off. Great value for money.

Topshop Louise Gray Dew Pots
Price= £4 for TWO!!! Sale/Bargain
Shades= Doesn't say
Great things= Quite dry, perfect for oily lids, therefore no primer needed, pink shade is great for any warm colours and purple is great for any cool colour base. Builable, can use more for crease for dimensional look. Can be used on lips and face for quirkier looks, Dualability.

Great thing about Topshop products is they look like and work like cosmetic brands, such as Maybeline and Rimmel, really great value for money.
I will be buying more from them pretty soon.
Might try H&M cosmetics too!
Have you bought anything from the high street cosmetic wise?
Tell me your recommendations

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