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~Every Girl Has More Than One Foundation~

L'oreal True Match, Mac Studio Fix, Avon Color Trend, L'oreal Infallible, Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish

Over Time I have collected foundations and these are my current favourites, and they are favourites for different reasons. The finish of each of these Foundations are different on my skin.
My Skin is Dry/Normal mostly dry, especially in winter so there is some that I have to skin prep for and some that I don't.

L'oreal True Match N2 Vanille
This is the foundation I use if I am not fake tanned.
It says on the bottle it is super blendable and it is, I have gone in with a magnifying glass and checked the edges where I have placed it.
It is my go to foundation.
Finish is Dewy drys quite sheer.
Texture Watery reminds me of MAC face and body with more huuumph
Verdict Great Stuff, please don't ever discontinue

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW25/NW22
This is the foundation I use when I'm going out and want a full coverage.
I have two bottles the one on the left is the new shade (NW25), I went in with fake tan on and they matched me up. The old shade (NW22) is when I was younger and whiter and I loved it when I was younger because I had an oilier face.
I have to work to blend this baby in and its best used with a buffing brush of some kind than with hands or foundation brush.
Finish Matte
Texture Thick and freckle proof
Verdict Great night out face 

Colour Trend Fresh Face Foundation Near Nude
This is the foundation I use if I'm having a bad skin day
This is a really sticky foundation and some times I use it as a concealer or if I'm going superface, I use it with another foundation in the highlighted areas like cheekbones nose ect ect.
Really nice to blend in.
Doesn't go along way so better to buff it with a brush than with fingers.
Finish At first its dewy and light but it sets really matte
Texture Thick and freckle proof
Verdict Nothing really bad to say but its not fantastic

L'oreal Infallible 16Hour Golden Sun
I never use this foundation on its own because it is FARRR to dark for me, its over 9months old and has oxidised and gone slightly orange,
I mix this with L'oreal True Match and Color Trend to warm those two up.
I sometimes use it as a contour colour and I use it on fake tanned legs if I have the odd bruise.
Finish At first it was smooth and matte, now its shiny.
Texture Thick and now cakey was once thick and full coverage
Verdict If you buy it, use it, its shelf life is really bad and go lighter

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Honey Beige 09
This is a crème foundation and I dislike cream foundations because my face is dry as a sahara desert.
It lasts for 36 months which is 3 years and I bought mine when I was 19, I'm now 21 (should probably chuck it out).
I apply this with a wet sponge or bugging brush.
Sponge is best with it and it comes with a sponge, but there is NO WAY the sponge lasts 36 months.
Finish Matte and powdery
Texture Thick full, and freckle proof (depends on application)
Verdict Will buy again, think it is great crème foundation considering I never use them

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