Real Talk: Never Give Up on the Good Times


Real Talk

Hello lovely readers, I am going to talk about when things get a little too much for you and you just want to give up; its not a topic I usually talk about but I am going to start doing real talk posts so you guys can get to know a deeper shade of me.

Sometimes you put your fingers in so many pies you just wanna GIVE UP, but the Spice Girls taught me to never give up on a good thing and even though juggling all my current commitments is a challenge all of them are good things.

Busy Busy Bee
So what's going on, baby what's going on? (James Arthur moment, sorry I'm not-so-secretly in love with him. James baby, if your out there, Marry Me?)

The biggest thing going on right now for me is university. I said in my new years resolutions that I wanted to pass my first year, and I have very little doubt that I will, but I also made a promise to stay organised and deadline free.
What I mean by deadline free is not doing it the night before it has to be in. If I handed it in before the deadline, the deadline won't apply to me and I can be as efficient as possible without added stress levels going off in my Spice world infused head.
I have an essay due in on the 6th of February which I have already started planning and reading up for, and I have done the introduction. GO MEEE
I also have exams that are due in may time (my birthday ;'( shame) and we are already looking over the material now.
One big worry, I suck in exams.

I am trying to get posts out every 2-3 days depending on if I have the ideas, knowledge and brainpower to sit and commit to you gorgeous readers. 
I do a lot of research and I am wanting to be original and not spew the same content every other lifestyle, slash, beauty, slash, fashion blogger does.
If you like this personal stuff your reading now, let me know. I'll add more things to the personal section, and if your in the same boat as me such as your a student, part timer and also blog lets have a chat and talk about how you feel about things.

I had my first shift yest (thur 24th jan 2013), and we only do 3 hour shifts which is literally nothing, but I live in student accommodation  halls of residence to be in fact, and Wednesday night is the student union night to party so the girls above me were being pure fuck-nuts with the volume of their voices.
I had the right mind to go up the stairs bang on the door and rip out their voice boxes, but I thought better of it because I had just painted my nails and I liked being a student.
So Thursday morning trotting off to work at 8:50 to start 9:30 was not a pleasant experience.
When I got there my manager wasn't there because he was getting what I heard to be "milk" and though "oooh lovely I'm gonna get a coffee or two while I'm at work today" apparently no, he had in fact bought himself a milkshake.
I shall be working tonight and doing an afternoon shift which is a nicer shift to get sales for but it means walking home at 7pm in a strange city.

Dolly you big busted babe.

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4 Holla's

  1. Haha, it's been forever since I've listened to the Spice Girls! Love it!
    And dumb party girls are never worth wrecked nail polish. Good luck with your new job and the University. :)

  2. It's definitely a challenge juggling blogging, working and university. I used to do it in my second year at uni, when blogging was also part of my degree!! It seems as though you're really organised and on top of things though :) I was never the type to sit and do my essays the night before they were due either, I don't know how people can manage that! But saying that, I was usually there finishing it off! Keeping on top of things early will definitely make uni life more manageable! :)

    Great blog xx


    1. I've done that last minute thing for my last three essays and I'm determined not to do it for the last two.
      After the start of march pretty much no more essays and all exams

      Its nice to know someone thinks the same way I do, was starting to think I was strange.



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