Payday Wishlist

Oh my God, my university loan will be through the door in 24 hours, and I've been lusting after a couple of items.

Veet Easy Wax
As soon as I get this I will do a full review as not many "beauty" bloggers talk about hair removal, its all makeup, and I keep asking myself what about all the other stuff we see at "beauty" related such as smooth legs and even smooth lady parts, who will take the biscuit and talk about that stuff, I will. I've been wanting this since its been advertised, and I even shaved one leg the other day and stopped before I shaved the other thinking "shit, I need to wax these furry buggars".
This will cost me £14.

Jacket from Lookbook Store
I was browsing through instagram the other day and have the people who have these gorgeous jackets on my feed, as soon as they showed this jacket I needed it, had a vision of wearing this with my black skinnies and pink jumper and look the BOM-DIDDLY-OMMN.
This will cost me $59+ 10P+P/ £46.

MAC Studio Sculpt
I once took a friend to get her foundation matched at MAC and the MAC girl matching had the most gorgeous finish on her skin ever and she told me she had this foundation on, so I need this foundation, I would wear it for nights out though rather than work wear as its FULL coverage, and sometimes when you have to look your best, your face can hold its breathe for a change.
This will cost me £24.

House of Lashes "Noir Fairy"
I've seen these lashes all over instagram on stunning photos of eye makeup looking absolutley phenominal, I've been looking for a pair of whispy but dense lashes for ages and you know when you see eyes and the shape of the eye is just outlined perfectly by a big set of fluttery lashes, these are those lashes.
This will cost me $16/ £10.50

Ugg Boots
I've been wanting a pair of Ugg boots since I was 17 year old, that is 4 years of pining over a pair of fluffy boots I could never afford, now I can, albeit I don't have to pay this money back and its not really my money, but oh well its the last term and I deserve a treat for all the work I have put in.
This colour is called HIBBISCUS, and isn't it just the most gorgeous ever to wear on your feet.
I've been slowly changing my colour style from blonde and cool toned blue to brunette and more in the summery shades, so these boots will set it off nicely.
This will cost me £16/£10.50

LimeCrime Lipstick
These babies are so pigmented, I want every colour, but I'll settle with one.
This will cost me $15/£9.80

The market at my university has a fantastic array of outdoor fabric stalls, it is simply amazeballs. I've had my eye on some tartan fabric in dunelm mills at £6.99 a metre and some black jersey fabric which has been quoted £3 a metre but I will obviously haggle so I maybe could get two for £5
I don't really know what this will cost me.

Anywhooo my gorgeous readers, tell me what you've been wanting this month/term whatever!
Keep Kewt 

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