New Years Resolutions



So its that time of year again when we reflect back on what happened in the previous year and evaluate "What shit went wrong?"
Do we ever stick to new years Resolutions?
Stop smoking, loose weight, don't drink so much, negative, negative, negative. 
What do you want to DO in 2013?
What do you want to ACHIEVE?

Looking Back
Personally 2012 has been a great year for me minus the multiple hospital visits, I have achieved a great deal in 2012 such as go to a great university for my chosen course, get some independence by moving into student accommodation 60 Miles away. Before this I had a 37.5 hour job that paid great money that I left to go to university.
Met some great people both at work and university, and managed to get along greatly with authority such as my supervisor and my tutors. All in all 2012 has been a great year for me.
What didn't happen in 2012 I wanted to happen, was to pass my driving test, I have had 4 tests now and failed each one. It WILL NOT STOP ME from trying again.
If you don't succeed try try again.

My New Years Resolutions
  1. Pass my Driving TestI need to pass for more financial reasons than to just have it notched on my lifetime achievement awards. I am currently receiving £7000 for maintenance £4000 goes on accommodation, I could finance, insure and fuel a little car for £4000, leaving £3000. I could save this and pay back student finance. Owning and travelling to University via car is cost effective rather than student accommodation  Sometimes I'm only in University 2-4 Days a week. To do this, more lessons, more tests.
  2. Pass first year of University
    UK university's do not let you go to year two if you don't pass year one. I am achieving good grades at the moment so I need to keep what I am doing with a little more studying and reading.
  3. Be more Organised
    Its popular belief that organised people are reliable people, and I am none of these. I am neither organised nor reliable. I forgot what I promised and I miss place my keys. To be more organised I am going to implement a schedule and file things in an attractive manner. This will probably help with Resolution Two.
  4. Get a Part Time/ Weekend Job
    Since not working I've noticed that my free time at university is spent in the land of nod, counting sheep and being lazy, I have been eating out of boredom also so I've put on weight. I think if I get a weekend job at home I can come back for the weekend and be more focused in a routine and some spending money too.
  5. Get a Summer Internship
    This will look great on my journalism portfolio when looking for Jobs at the end of my degree, and I know the exact place I want to intern at.
  6. Get on YouTube
    This one scares me because I see lots of monotonous videos, and I plan everything, I even planned this blog post, so I don't know how to go about it without sounding like a dull idiot, and letting my personality shine through. I'm also not the most confident of girls, so when it comes to being on camera I'm not very photogenic, people tend to tell me I look better in real life than on Facebook. The reason behind this would be to make my Journalism portfolio great and boost this blog that will attract potential employers when looking for a graduate job.
Preparation for Future
I love this quote, Malcolm X said "The future belongs to those that prepare for it today"  and Benjamin Franklyn said "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail".
I love these mottos.
All these Resolutions in 2013 are going to help my future in the long run, why else do we have resolutions.

What I want to know is what you want out of 2013, leave a comment below, or do a blog and link it in the comments.

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