January Update


January Update
How its going so far

Last year I made some resolutions to be more organised, especially with make-up and my study materials. 
At the moment I am doing well with keeping things tidy and remembering to do things, and even when I forget to do things I am met with luck as it all works out, and I get away with a fine and being able to use the same things again.
I have organised my folder for my media work, and I am attending each and every workshop, seminar, and lecture for all my modules and classes.
Furthermore however I have not been so organised when it comes to doing assignments.

What has also happened this month

Mummy's Birthday
I was really disappointed that I didn't receive enough money to live on and get my mummy a present, even though I will try and get her a few things over the year if I have succeeded in getting a job. 
I have been applying online, and emailed a few CV's off, so hopefully this outreach and the job fair my university is doing at the end of the month shall land me in good stead.

Going Back To Uni
As always the travel back to university is an interesting one as I usually have shed loads of stuff and a train compartment to fit it in :)
I was excited about university 2nd term because I know we are starting to make videos and do practicals which will help me get on to YouTube when I gain the expertise.

The Furniture was delivered
It cost me £180 to get delivered and my mum foresaw it all and she said they did a tremendous job, I can't wait to finish for a 3 week  university vacation in Easter so I can update you all on what it looks like and what project I have next. I'm thinking about doing a little restoration and painting it or lightening it.
I will keep you posted on that one.

Let Bygones be Bygones
I had a small fall out with one of the girls in my flat due to personality clashes, nothing against her as a person, and I believe it was all how we socialise in our peer groups back home not how we are as people, just how we handle situations.
She was very kind and came to talk to me so we could put the ordeal behind us, I was trying to make an effort and trying to talk to her and I think she saw this and decided to meet me half way.
After this we went out the same night and had a really good time with each other :)
All Good.

Looks like 2013 is looking fantastic.

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