Review L.A Colors, Color Craze in Tahiti Sunrise

I absolutely Love Love Love this colour, it's the most tartiest cherry red ever, and I think it's gorgeous.
I'm not into the "tart"/ "cat slater" look but this nail varnish reminds me of Glacia cherries you get on top of a bake well tart.
It shows my nail through but I only used one coat, a very thick coat mind you but one coat all the same.
I think with two coats it would definitely be solid in colour.
I has chipped on one hand but not the other and I have been in and out of the shower and washed my hands multiple times.
I'm so happy that this was only 99pence! I feel like I've won the bargain nail varnish lottery in a less silly faced cheesy way.

Reminds me of OPI and China Glaze but smaller
Shimmer, if you can see at the neck of the bottle the sparkles really reflect the light, absolutely in LOVE with this colour
The colour payoff isn't that great because you can actually see my natural nails through, if I was to use a white and then this it would be awesome and I'm going to try it.
You need a fast dry with this as it takes ages to dry but because its pretty strong and chip resistant its understandable.
Its lightweight and movable, would make amazing water marble which i will be trying in the future.
More than 2 coats its starts to get gloopy on your nail, and you can actually scrape it off! Not good.

Over all rating
For its price alone i give it a 10, its not the best, but overall I would award it:

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