Review Barry M Textured Effects in Ridley Road and Opi Liquid Sands Got your Number

So I went and bought the Barry M Textured Effects in Ridley Road which is a gorgeous sea foam blue/green, looks like a very candy turquoise colour, this is the only colour I managed to get because as soon as they came out, they flew off the shelves in SuperDrug in Leicester. I will try to get the other colours at Boots in my home town, Sheffield where there is a flagship store in Meadowhall.
Downsides about this nail varnish is it needs 2+ coats to be totally block colour and chips more compared to none textured varnish. I have tried it with and without a topcoat and it NEEDS a topcoat. 

On my accent nail, my ring finger (if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it) I burst into song at the most inappropriate of moments, I have OPI Liquid Sands in Got Your Number, its a very glittery blue colour, and really does look and feel like reflective glitter on your nail. Its a lot more dimensional than the Barry M Textured Effects Ridley Road due to the glitter and when turned in the light it shines. This gets me giddy, because if you have read in my Shampoo Review, I may need to go to glitter rehab.
Downside about this nail varnish is it also needs 2+ coats, to block out your nail, now this is particularly troublesome to me because my nail tips are naturally white, it doesn't chip, AT ALL but it takes YEARS to dry, if you paint your nails with this, don't expect to move for the next ten minutes to fully dry.

Here are some pictures for you to have a Goosey gander at:

Barry M Ridley Road and Opi Liquid Sands Got Your NumberBarry M Ridley Road Textured Effects Nail Polish

Barry M Ridley Road Textured Effects

Barry M Textured Effects Ridley Road & OPI Liquid Sands Got Your Number

TopCoat Needed

I actually love this look, its my favorite look I've done, I'm going to try a nail look that combines more than one colour on each nail.
Right then BABE'S... Have you tried either of these nail polishes? What do you think? Leave me a comment, with a blog post if you have reviewed them, I'd love to check it out.
Peace out

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