Don't want it, HAVE it.

Visualisation techniques are used by athletes, to help them succeed towards goals, golds and personal bests. If it can help them, what's stopping us?

I read an article in the Elle which was written so persuasively and effective and made me change the way I started to think. It was by Lisa Reich and was an interview with Sonja Moses who works for Nike. The piece did have a sport related theme to it but it reflected how techniques used by athletes can be used by everyday people to manifest what they want in life.
The Key to visualisation is to imagine you already having it. Don't want it, HAVE it.

Movies where visualisation is talked about.
  • Matrix
  • Limitless
  • Inception
Proof it works
How can you prove it, you can't show anybody your thoughts.
But here are some examples it works:
Jessica Ennis is proof that visualisation work. 

If you click on the Images they will become bigger and you will be able to read it.

There's a section in which it says that the negative side of your brain squashes any positive fantasy you may have, and that we should not let the negative squash positive fantasies and actually BELIEVE that they can and will happen.

I want everyone one who reads this post to do what is in the article, to write a letter to your future self including all the things that should be.
Write it as fact!

As soon as you do this, keep visualising it and don't let that negative side hurt this positive fantasy.

I'm gonna think about a 6"5 dark haired, green eyed, Gerard Butler look alike husband. Myself owning a 1st class degree in Journalism with Media and Communication, and running my own international PR company. Having a little boy and little girl who are incredibly gifted, and I own a very snazzy convertible and a 4 bedroom, detached cottage in the Yorkshire dales.
And my mother living around the corner from me and being in perfect health and owning a successful catering business.

Other ways of visulaisation (than writing yourself a letter)

  1. Listen to songs that remind you of happy times, as a positive emotion is the most powerful for visualisation.
  2. Paint yourself a picture of all the things you would like be.
  3. Make a collage of magazine images of the things you would like to obtain. Pretend you already have them.
  4. If it's money you want, take a note and write extra 000 on it, so £20 is £200,000 and stick it to the ceiling of where you sleep.

In the comments, tell me what your life is GOING to include, and expect it to happen!
Lets make this post manifestation magic!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. You might be surprised to know that visualization is what every certified hypnotherapist teaches their clients!
    Does it work? Visualization works beautifully when there are no beliefs that get in the way.

  2. Thankyou very much for your insight Wendy :)


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