River Island Lust List: SS13


So I was tinkering around twitter the other day and had a nosey on a couple of blogs and looked at leanne woodfull page and then her website and eyed her river island spring post which made me all giddy inside.
I then had a zoom over to river island and looked at their "whats new" section and picked out some of my favourites.
Here's what I loved the most:

 From the top:
The Ring, I'm not an accessories girl I never have been, you either are or you aren't, I love bags and shoes, but never jewellery, but this gold ring is gorgeous It reminds me of one my mum used to have when she was younger that locked into place with each other, which is similar to what this one does.
Helpful hint: This piece won't be real gold, especially because its only £8, but it will be gold plated, sometimes to help the gold not rub off gold plated fashion rings I put clear nail varnish on them every year or so, it keeps them shiny too.

The Jacket, Ahhh white leather, comes in at an hefty £180 which is a lot for a student budget but I can dream can't I. I'm in to long coats at the moment due to the fact that I have three hip length coats (any longer would look idiotic I'm only 5"2) and no bomber lengths, they have this in a cheaper version that will be made out of PU, which is £60 might invest if make some good wages this week.
Helpful Hint: To keep leather soft and shiny its always helpful to get a leather protector and leather wipes this makes it less expensive on dry cleaning bills. With PU however you can pop that in the washer but it can't be anything above 30 Celsius or it shrinks.

The Pumps, Aren't these adorable, I've just purchased a pair of Carvella pumps thanks to the Elle and Kurt Geiger offer, but if I didn't these would be probably on my visa bill already, they are so cute, I'm seeing a lot of gold detailing on shoes and bags at the moment so this is why my lust list is pretty minimalist.
Helpful Hint: Have you ever scuffed a pair of beloved flats up to high heaven that they look unwearable, don't be scared you can get refinishing spray from any leading shoe store like, Deichman, Dune, or Clarke's. Take your shoes in so you can match the colour. Once cleaned, I recommend nail polish remover, apply the refinishing spray and they look as good as new.

The Flared Jeans, Being a girl with hips, It looks nice when I wear boot cut or flared jeans because they ballance me out, I love the colour black, there is nothing quite as sexy as a pair of black jeans with stiletos underneath, ask my friend Kim Kardashian. However if your like me and are short as well your jeans sometimes drag along the floor when your in flats fear no further.
Helpful Hint: Velcro, yes Velcro the sin of all fasteners, but when they are on the inside of your Jean they don't show, pace the soft part at the place where you would have to fold up to and the scratch part which is meeting that area at the bottom (this leads to no irritation on the legs) place your bootcuts down when you are in heals and velcro them up when your in flats.

Turtle Neck Bodycon, been a bit of a fashion war with this because one minute Rita Ora is rocking it, looking very fly, then next minute, or even the same minute the Kardashian sister are wearing also. Whatever happened to ownership of style eh? Whatever it's my style now, I love bodycons, you can wear them in day with tights and flats, you can wear them in night with bare legs and stilettos.
Helpful Hint: Spanx were invented for these little suckers, even in the 80's when the fitness videos came out and everyone wore tight yoga pants, I bet you a trillion quid that when it came to rocking the bodycon they had their spandex on underneath.

Panelled Skinny Jeans, who doesn't have a pair of skinny jeans? If you don't, here's your first pair, they are beige (although they look grey in the photo) which is a nice shade to start off with as you won't be offending anyone, and I bet they pretty much go with every colour under the sun.
Helpful Hint: Ever get that baggy excess around the bum area that looks like your wearing a diaper/nappy, put your jeans on and stand in the shower, yes you are reading right, and no I'm not going mad. Make sure you don't get wet, the steam from the shower will make them shrink to your legs, no more nappy look.

White Shirt, I love white shirts, they go with anything, even a bikini, damn it especially a bikini. Tuck them into jeans for effortlessly cool tailored look, wear them tied over a uni-tard for a "fame" ensemble. this one however as cute little beads on the end of the colour, something which I am going to create using a cheaper brand
Helpful Hint: Keep a white shirt white with the use of vanish, I love the stuff, I put an open tub of it inside my wardrobe so my clothes can soak in the smell, I also keep a tiny pot of it with me therefore if I spill coffee down something that is light, or heaven forbid get red wine all over a white dress I can pop to the bathroom fix it and then continue.

Pink Dress, I would happily wear this to a wedding or my graduation, in fact I might just buy it for my graduation in three years time. I don't doubt it won't stay in style simply because its staple. The only think that would annoy me about this product would to be if the fabric is crepe. I hate crepe as a fabric, its scratchy, its airy, I like my woollen fabrics like cotton, wool and jersey, and even though you can achieve drapery with crepe you can with jersey too, but with little chance of a nip slip.
Helpful Hint: Starch!!! I live in an exceptionally windy country, we are getting a lot of power reserves from wind, so when it comes to clothes and wind, it doesn't really help, this is where starch comes in, this is the stuff that makes sure you don't a Judy and your blouse comes down, STARCH THAT SHIT INTO PLACE!.

Pink Cammie Top, I like this top because its simple its lovely, its one of those tops you wear for 30 years, its staple, yet also effectively designed, you could wear it under a blazer for work, with skinny jeans and heals on a date, or with a pencil skirt for a girls night out. Its lovely and mumsy to me and maybe my taste is getting more demure in my old age (21, lol, honestly I think I'm 80).
Helpful Hint: I'm a big fan of keeping clothes that are simple and effective for a long time, so how do you take care of clothes for that amount of time and the key is to not wear the death out of them, they maybe your favourite and you might feel exceptionally great in it, but it won't last if you wear it at least 3 times a month.

Black Cammie, As above, I'd wear this for any occasion especially more for going out as its a little flirty top and really accentuates your shoulders. I like the cross design on the back and the fact that it looks layered. I'm starting to wonder how far it comes down on the body, if it is short I'd wear it with a simple tight black top from Primark or New Look.
Helpful Hint: I'd definitely add a shimmer to my collar bones and shoulders with this little thing just to make them pop.

Graphic Maxi, this is probably the most gregarious thing on my list, but hey, what can I say, I love minimalism, I like the side split, I think this is a wow dress, so I'd probably wear this with the girls to pre-drinks at the pub my ex frequents. I imagine his face would drop off he saw me in it so yes Its a wanted piece.
Helfull Hint: for shorties like me, wonderweb is our best friend, wonder web is fabric fusing lining that can be used to take things up, I definitely wouldn't like my heels to get caught in this dress so I'd have to take the ends up.

Right then ladies, I hope you've liked my lust list, I thought I'd do something a little different by adding an helpful hint on each one because at least one of us somewhere has a product like it.

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