Popular Things I Hate


This is just personal opinion, if you love any of these items don't be offended they just aren't my cup of tea.

Sneaker Style Shoes
Such as vans and converse, I hate them, converse have no support for your ankle so why skaters wear them is BEYOND me, vans, are just glorified pumps with an expensive price tag. I see every boy aged 13-25 wearing them with chinos. Give me a pair of ballerina's and knee high boots any day.

Hidden Heel Trainers
If you wanna wear high heals wear high heels, if you wanna wear trainers wear trainers. DON'T COMBINE THE TWO. "Oh but they are so comfy" are any high heels comfy? No, none, your lying to yourself, they hurt the same after 2 hours, just like regular wedges.

Disco Pants

A total fad, they make any girl that hasn't got a gap at the top of their thighs or 30inch plus hips feel like a whale, therefore I shall never go near them, these and shiny leggings are a NO-GO for me. Leather trousers mind you are a thumbs up. 

Beanie Hats
You do not look urban, you look criminal, whatever happened to straw/sun hats? Beanie hats remind me of Dennis the menace and are not the feminine look I try to maintain. They mess up your hair and create static due to trapped heat.

High Streets Going Vintage
Topshop and Missguided are sitting on this trend and have refused to budge ever since vintage got back in fashion. Salt n Pepa style has infiltrated my life, and high street stores such as Topshop are making consumers pay extortionate prices for something that is MADE to look vintage. You can find ACTUAL vintage clothing in lower priced stores, or even join a vintage fair mailing list. Or go to Asos marketplace, or even eBay, you can find quality vintage finds without buying new expensive carbon copy's of the REAL thing.
Vintage style Topshop is tryna push out.

Skater Dresses
I have large hips, I do not want them accentuated by an A-Line dress, for big busted babes that have flat booty syndrome and need a little ruffle in the hip area, it is great. For little tits and Beyonce Behind, I'd rather stick to my body cons with DIY added padding. Thank you but no thanks.

No, Just No, they remind me of Beetlejuice. FYI I don't have cankles, but they don't look nice on anyone bar girls/boys with boney ankles. And If I wanted great chunks of rubber the shape of bricks under my feet, I would chop up a tire and wear them as shoes.

Joey Essex
Let me just highlight the DOUCHERY that this guy comes out with: He wears a jelly watch, on his ankle while wearing a gold rolex on his wrist, someone please tell me the point? His shorts while playing tennis are tighter than his girlfriends, he says "creepy sick" and "reem" and wears turned up acid wash jeans. He trys to run on water. He wears Uggs! He drives a smart car and still can't park! WHO THE HELL IS THIS KID AND WHYYYYYIS HE FAMOUS.
The first time I went in there, I went to the toilet, and spent a considerable time in there. Not a nice experience. Plus its only chicken, you could make it yourself for a fraction of the costs, my hate is mostly down to first time shits though, not the price.

Tops With Derogative Slogans
Everyone has gone extra wild for GEEK and LOSER tops, and I hate them. I am an actual geek, I will watch movies about quantum physics and I know my university's library sections quite well. I like to go to the library with friends and have study sessions, and I wouldn't dream of wearing one of those tops. 

Fifty Shades of Grey
I like having sex rather than reading about it, I think the whole relationship between the couple, from what I've heard about the book is rather dangerous, obsessive and sadistic.

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