YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Beige Tribute: My First High End Purchase


Oh don't shout at me but as soon as I got my last student loan I went a little cray-zzayy and bought some things I would have justified because they are high end beauty, but I'm in my early twenties now and need some "big-girl-make-up".
I'm a bit of a scared-ie cat when it comes to lipstick because I love bright colours (at the moment), but they look garish against my natural skin tone, whatever my skin tone is, I am so pale I am see through, and I just cannot be bothered with fake tanning with all the University work I have on.
Tell me to shut my cake hole if I'm complaining, I just really wanted a luxury lipstick without going to all the effort of having a tanned face and body, to go with it. What happened to white-skinned glamour ey?
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Three beautiful ladies, (from Top to bottom, Megan Fox, Marcia Cross and January Jones) that are of each hair colour and skin tone, cool, warm and neutral.
I bet all these ladies have a few YLS lippies in their red carpet clutches and wanted to feel that I might at least share the same product. You never know, with make up I could be sharing the same lippie shade as the beautiful January here. (What a gorgeous name).

So lets talk about the lippie, the packaging is beautiful, it screams luxury it's gold for gods sake and it smells divine, it sort of reminds me of Krystal champagne. So the next time I can afford some Krystal I'm gonna make sure I have this lippie in my clutch, to see if YSL makes it taste any better, if so then I understand the meaning of expensive taste.
I love the gold stamp in the front, I haven't seen a lipstick packaged remotely like this anywhere so I believe I am free from blind labelling.
The texture of the lipstick is really soft too, if I don't start using it with a lip brush I can see myself over applying it.
It's a lot softer than MAC's lipsticks, as these seem to be drying, and it drys to a matte finish, which although they can be more dry that their creamier cousins they still enrich my lips with the feeling of a fresh lips scrub.

The shade is shade 10 called beige tribute in the rouge pur couture. And it's a pinky light brown with cool undertones.
Perfect, I love my nude colours that are cool toned.

I really like this lipstick, it's my first high end purchase and I'm glad I picked YSL.

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