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The main reason why I bought this whole set was for the E36 blending brush which is a miniature version of the mac 217.  Since receiving them, I'm scared to use them but also cannot stop feeling the softness by brushing them across the back of my hand and also my eyelid. They are all super soft, and the ones that interest me the most are smudge E21, shader crease E47 and eye liner E11.

Receiving and Opening
The packaging sent from America

Shipping actually floored me off my feet, it was another £16.06 for royal mail to accept my parcel and then handle it to me. I place NO blame on Sigma for an EXTRA shipping cost. All in all the cost of the brushes cost me $61 which equates to £39.71, then $14.91 which is £9.70, and then £16.06 for stupid EU shipping regulations!
So to get them and get them delivered it costs: 

It was packaged beautifully, it came in this big box, and inside the box had bubble wrap, a leaflet containing all the brushes and a little gift. I would hope to think they do this for every customer, I received a little eye-liner brush. I will go into more detail about this brush when I describe and show what the set contains.
The box is very small, yet the packaging it came in was very sturdy and stuffed with bubble wrap so they didnt snap.

The brushes

Eyeliner E11

I think this is the smallest, and thinnest eye liner brush I have ever seen, I actually cannot wait to use this, I have traced an "imaginary" line on my lid, and its a pretty straight forward and easy brush to use, compared to the real techniques pixel point brush its super thin. The first picture is of the E11 on its own, and the second picture is of the brush that came with the Wild Curls Set I had gotten for Christmas  the pixel point real techniques brush is the middle brush and the one on the end is the E11. In comparison is shorter than both and I would say a thinner point.

Waterline liner E17 & Tightline liner E16

I've never heard of a Tightline Liner Brush before, but I've had this under my top eyelid to see how it feels, and I wear contact lenses so if it was scratchy then it would move my lenses, and it hasn't. The Waterline Liner is also really soft. I can understand the shape of these, the Tightliner is as wide as the Waterliner but longer as it needs to get under the top eyelid and top lashes which are always considerably bigger and longer than the bottoms ones. So I understand that there needs to be more length in there to accommodate to get into that nook and cranny with ease. I think I'll be using the Waterliner as a bottom lash line smudger as I'll be using my pencils to get colours in the waterline.

Smudge E21

I really like this one, as I mentioned in the introduction, this is the one that on opening interested me as well as some others that I really wanted. I really want to try this as a cut creaser, as the edge is so dense. So this will be amazing to get a cut crease at the side of glitter or pigment and then buff it out with the blending brush and or the shader crease brush. I think I will look at using them in a non conventional way, I don't use every brush I have as the way in which it is intended anyway and I love figuring out uses for brushes.
Not everyone uses their brushes for the same thing and you can definitely get different "strokes" of application messing around with different brushes and different textures. Its all about experimentation.

Shader Lid E56 & Shader Inner corner E46

The Shader Lid (E56) looks pretty straight forward, I don't think I'll deviate on different uses much where that brush is concerned, as its shape is perfect for my lid, however the Shader Inner Corner (E46) brush is so thin and long and even though it suggest that it should be used for outer corner I will flip this as I have a pencil brush 219 MAC that I use as the inner corner shader.

Blending E36 & Shader Crease E47

The blending brush E36 is the reason why I bought the whole set, I know from watching LAURENBEAUTY on YouTube, that it is really small compared to the MAC 217, and to get precision blending. I'm gonna use this what its made for, plus a little contour down the sides of my nose. The shader crease E47 is a bit more like the 217, its the same shape all most, smaller with a bit more of a taper at the end. It fits perfectly into my crease and  makes a nice solid but gradient line.

I would really love to know if you have any Sigma brushes, or if your thinking about getting any, I've been coasting over sigma for ages and I've been quite brave, I think for the £65.47 I paid for them it works out about £8 for each brush (they are 8 brushes) I also got a little freebie so that was fantastic. If I were to compare this to MAC brushes then they would be about £20+ per brush, so 20x8 brushes works out as a pretty penny. I feel like I've won the bargain lottery with these brushes. You know when you get something for really cheap and you get all giddy and excited about it, thats me! 
Tell me what you think!

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  1. I love my Sigma E25 , just so damn fluffy!

    1. I might have to look out for that one! I wish they had a shop in the UK the charges are excruciating! x


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