Zoeva: Brand Discovery

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Facebook brought my attention to this beauty of a brand, their brushes look amazing and they are really cheap too. Unfortunately they don't have an about section on their websites that give any information about what they do, or how it was founded which is really troublesome.
I want to know everything about them.
 I do know that they do vegan brushes that are synthetic duo fiber similar to the Real Techniques. 
I'm really excited about this brand, and they ship internationally, and because they do mostly pigments and mica, their products will last forever as liquid beauty products have a shelf life.
As soon as I get paid from student loan, I'm gonna have a splurge on the brushes that they have, and I'll keep you posted.

They also do palettes which are the generic palettes you can find from anywhere so I'm not necessarily excited about that side of the cosmetics, its the brushes I'm getting giddy over.
And their cream eyeliners 


  1. They are really good quality. I recommend the brushes to you :-) Greetings from Germany.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation :)
      Feel really happy I have a German person commenting :)


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