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I'm not a fan of shopping online due to me being absolutely terrified of my card details being duplicated and fraud happening, but after continually spending over £75 in boots or Superdrug and also the travel cost to get there, and the thirst for international goodies, I got steered me in the direction of Amazon.
It wasn't a big haul, it was £45 without postage and packaging, but I got some serious goodies and then had to think of a whole new morning makeup routine, which in all make-up obsessed style got me Uber excited.
(Does anyone use the word Uber anymore? Just me, ok then.) 

What I really liked about shopping on Amazon is it seems to make more sense to me when I can see the items in my virtual basket for me to differentiate what I need and what I don't need. Have you ever been in that situation when you've been in boots or super drug and your literally twisting and turning in the aisle because you don't actually know if you need this product, (70th mascara) and your so flustered that you buy it anyway. Yep this is why I spend £75 in boots.
This is why I loved this session of online shopping, I knew I needed some blushes, and brushes so they coincided together, and I knew I wanted some lashes, so it was logical to get the glue, and Amazon you beautiful site, you recommended me to it. If it was physically shopping in Boots/Superdrug, I would have picked up everything and nothing I actually needed.
It came all packaged very nicely and in its original packaging unopened, at first I was scared I'd be using someone with a flesh eating disease's old make-up and was very surprised by the speediness and professionalism of it all. 
I'm gonna be using Amazon again.

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Twitter Raving: Dainty Doll brushes have been centre of attention. Grape seed oil is a must have for glowing skin

The first thing I was after was some Base Oil to counteract my morning dry skin (reptile alert), before buying this I'd been using baby oil for the past 3 months so I wanted that would be Au-natural and I'd been researching cold pressed oil but didn't want something too gloppy like Olive Oil. I came across grape-seed oil and found out it is used for facial massage for vegan customers, I'm not vegan, but the thought of natural just-out-of-the ground skincare makes me a tad giddy. So I bought it. I'm going to do a review on this soon because everyone needs to know about it. I'll sing it from the roof, I ain't scared.
I also wanted some new blushes and because the Dainty Doll line by Nicola Roberts had been raved about so much I thought I'd go get some, and a sleek blush too. I was surprised by the size of the sleek blush as I expected it to be way bigger, its a cute little compact, perfect for tiny clutches, therefore contrary I was wowed by the size of the Dainty Doll blushes, they are so big and so classic, with a round pan and a compact mirror inside.
Nicki used 46 and 747-L Amazing Shine, I couldn't 46's on Amazon so I got the closest match and the Red Cherry in 415
The next thing I wanted was some amazing shine eyelashes because Nick from Pixiwoo used two for one look and stacked them and it looked amazing, so I had to buy the exact ones, I could get the 46's so I got the 43's instead and I also wanted some red cherry lashes. I'm into really fluffy lashes at the moment as really dense ones look overly fake to me. I'm starting to not like the ones that don't come on a clear strip, that basically look like a black semi-circle on the end of your eyes.
I had to cut the #415's as they were too long a strip for my eyes but they looked incredible, overall I've tried the #415's and the 43's but not the 747-L, they are extremely long so I'll save them for a night out when I need a bit more pzazz on the eye area, and I'm going to stack them as well. I'll tell you how I get along with those at a later post.

As my blusher brush currently resided as the contour brush from Real Techniques I'd thought it wise to buy the blusher brush and deviate my routine to make my contour brush for actual contour, aren't I genius. Then I thought, I think I'll get a new foundation brush too and thought about the Real Techniques Foundation Brush. This purchase was kinda tactical, I have a non-brand blusher brush but it isn't as fluffy and large as this so as soon as it was recommended I had to get it. I've seen Sam from Pixiwoo use it plenty of times and as you can see by the picture, I've used it already, and it makes virtually no streaks, and even if it did, I can buff it in with my trusted buffing brush. I find doing it this way is a higher coverage, depending on what ever foundation, I can just get more on this way. So I do this when I'm off out for drinks. I've noticed that
my make-up application is ten times better.
After buying the YSL lipstick that week as well, I wanted a lipstick that was lighter and pinker so that I could place this in the centre of my lips to give me big Kim Kardasian lips. I came across Barry M marshmallow, and even thought the colour is a bit insipid on its own its a great highlight colour. I think I'll try this colour as a cheek highlight as I'm partial to a dash of lippie on the cheeks, and actual lipstick when I have a better tan. I also bought some Duo glue in clear so I had something to stick my lashes on with, I'm so glad I invested in duo glue because they really do hold all day if you put them on with duo glue compared to the little pots you get with Eyelure packs. My main trick for not wasting your Duo Glue is if you have a little eyelure applicator spare, squeeze some in there and then use the wand to apply it. Really handy.

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  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    I love Real techniques brushes :) They are great!!! :)
    I love your profile picture is funny :) U r so cute :) <3 x x
    New follower here :)

    1. Aww thankyou , it's not everyday I get compliments so much appreciated!
      I'm slowly building up the whole the collection! My brushes are getting rivalrous


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