Bye Bye GFC


I was a late starter in the blogger world as I started my blog in December of 2012 and didn't really know how to navigate the whole follower thing, so when I say Google Friend Connect could be added on the side of my blog I was enlightened. But now its being taken away from me and I am sad to see it leave (if it leaves) but there are some other alternatives that you can follow me on, that I would very much appreciate.
 photo Bloglovin-logo_zps918062e2.jpg
 Bloglovin, like a blog roll, or a magazine rack. Add me there.

Add me to your Circle

If you have me in your GFC and you need to know how to add me to your BlogLovin Blog Roll is you go to THIS WEBSITE and it helps you to import all the blogs you had on the passing GOOGLE READER.
It will look something like this:

Thank you very much for reading guys, it would be great if you leave me a blog comment, and don't forget to import, and add me on your favourite blog reading sites.
Ta Ta

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