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What is beyond the blogging world? What do we do outside of blogging? Of your anything like me you'd love to know what other bloggers get up to when they aren't blogging and what they do outside of the blogging world. I'm gonna share with you what I do outside of blogging, and tag a couple of my favourite bloggers so they can share too.

So the Rules are:

  • Link back to the person that invented the tag and who tagged you
  • Answer the life style questions 
  • Tag 5 bloggers
  • If you have already done the tag and nothing has changed since you first did it don't do it again, if you have changed in lifestyle feel free to do it again and label the year

The Questions

  1. Do you Work/Study?
    Yes, both
  2. Full Time or Part Time
    I work part time 20 hours over the weekend, and study full time.
  3. What do you Work as/Study?
    I am a customer experience advisor for o2 (mobile phone company) and I study Journalism with Media And Communication
  4. Give a brief description of your working/study day
    As a customer experience advisor I take telephone calls from o2 contract customers that have any queries regarding their contract, their handset or their bills and charges, I take around 65 calls a day and these can range from a minute to a half an hour. As a Student I have lectures, and seminars and self study time, although I rarely study. When I do research and revise I go to the library and read over work I've done in seminars and talk about what we have learnt with my course mates.
  5. Do you like your Job/Course? Why?
    I love my job, I build a great relationship with customers and its nice to sometimes feel that I have calmed a customer down and done everything I can for them. Its nice to hear from a customer that they are gonna write a letter to o2 with your full name saying that you are fantastic. My course really interests me too, I sometimes get that giddy intriguing feeling when I'm reading some of the things we have to read and because I took time out before I went to university its nice to get excitement back that I had when I went to college. What can I say, I'm a big learning loving Geek.
  6. Is your Job/Course something you've always wanted to do?
    I've never really wanted a job in customer service but if I don't get the job I want after my degree finishes, I would love to move up in my job role as I have friends who have worked there for ages and are team leaders and managers, so I know you can move through the ranks.
    Hopefully I will get a job presenting or researching for a TV channel after my degree, because that is really what I want to do.
  7. Describe your schedule?
    During the summer holidays off university I am only busy on the weekends where I do an 11 shift on a saturday and 10 hour shift on a sunday. So saturdays I get up at 7am and sundays I get up at 6:15/6:30, go about my travel to work and arrive early, as always and log in and take calls till the finish of the day, the day goes surprisingly quick, and when I get home on a sunday I chill out.
    When it is term time however, on Sundays I go straight to the train station after work and travel back to my university home, where I shower and go to bed for any early classes monday morning. During the week I do my university schedule which is around 20 hours a week spread over 5 days and try and study the most I can.
  8. Where do you fit in blogging?
    I can knock out a post at most 4 hours depending on how much editing is needed to be done (i.e pictures, videos, uploading) my fastest post only took me 30 mins as I kinda sort out what needs to be said in my head. I'm not flowery with my writing I'm very structured so blogging is a fast hobby for me.


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