Simple Sensitive Skin Moisturiser

Really little bottle holds 50ml of moisturiser

Dry Skin

I saw this in my local Bodycare and it was only 2.99 so I thought because I have been searching and searching for something that would give my dry skin a drink, and that it was really cheap I thought I would invest and I have to share this little beauty with you.
Since I've been using this I've had more of a glow to my skin and I've been able to show my natural blush through without having to apply my blusher brush with loads of product. Its like a cold cream and therefore when your face is freshly washed its really refreshing, I would compare it to the collagen marine cream and would say its a close dupe, due to its texture, feel on the skin, smell and results.

When I use it my foundation applies like a dream, and I've been using it since the start of may and its made a difference to the texture of my skin. I still tend to break out around my chin, but theses are stress spots mostly and hormones.

The only fault I have with it is, the bottle is such a dense plastic which sure enough won't leek, buts its terribly  hard to get the product out of the bottle, its not easy to squeeze at all, and I find myself banging it out onto my hand or leaving it upside down to let gravity do its work for me.

These are how they blend out, and sure enough with the right amount it just feels soft, the only sticky feeling you get is when twoo much is applied, and I like to really work it in my skin. I know I'm only 22 but I don't have any signs of wrinkles yet and I think this has been because I have been firm with my face so its been firm for me.

All in all great moisturiser

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