Ben Nye

Ben Nye, such an amazing reputation from a beauty brand, pigmented, finely processed, used by celebrity make-up artists and sky rocketed in popularity since Kimmy K was shot with the infamous Banana powder under eyes and across her cheekbones. The Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nicola have used Ben Nye lip liners to create loads of lip looks, and Wayne Goss swears by the brand.


This is one of the reasons I've been wanting to buy some for so long, but I never knew where, so I decided to do some investigative Google work, and search my butt off and I found a number of websites that did it. The main thing I found, was that all the prices were different. So I thought I'd share the screenshots and the cheapest place, and the selection.

Treasure House of Makeup

The first shopping basket picture is from Treasure House of Makeup, and they have an amazing array of mannequin heads to practice cutting, plaiting and hairstyles on. They also do college kits, which look amazing, and make up from Ben Nye, Graftobian, Mehron, Adore Lashes, and they also offer Make up courses. The great thing about this website is that they add the VAT up for you, and because its a UK company, UK residents won't have to pay the dreaded £16 for international handling. This website had everything however the prices were a bit too much, and the delivery is only free on orders over £200, so this is mostly a trade website. The delivery charges start at £6.40 for under 1kg and go up to £12.75 for over 2kg. The great thing about their delivery that they state is that its next day delivery.

Guru Make Up Emporium

The second shopping basket picture is from Guru Make Up Emporium and they have so many more brands than Treasure House of Makeup but they don't have all the stock of the brands, which is why it doesn't have the cream foundation in alabaster on this list, however this is the cheapest I have ever seen the luxury powder, at an amazing £7.50 plus the delivery is only £4.50 for UK residents. Fantastic. I would advise anybody that wants just the powder is to head over to this website. Guru Make Up Emporium also sells the palettes for cheap as well and the foundation palettes include so many skin tones and shades for only £70. Which if you think about it as buying concealers in all the same colours from MAC or Bobbi Brown it works out as amazing value.

Make Up Effects

The third shopping basket is from Make Up Effects and this has all the products from the first shopping basket, and the Alabaster foundation is extremely cheap. This website has all of Ben Nye, all the powders, the media Pro Palettes, the foundations which include cream and cake, lip products, eye products, character make up, special effects, magicakes paints and glitters, neutralisers and correctors, adhesives and clown make up. They do everything from Ben Nye that you can't get from the favoured Guru Make Up Emporium. My advise here is split the shopping, yes you might have to pay more delivery but the savings are ridiculous to miss.

I hope anyone that actually uses these sites because of this post saves a lot of money, cheap websites are always good arsenal to have under your belt, especially make up belt.


  1. Gosh that is a huge difference! This is so helpful, I'm going to check out Guru Makeup Emporium xx
    My Beauty Junction

    1. It doesn't stock everything but it is amazingly cheap.


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