Oooh Goodies! Beauty Haul Jun '13

Case: Damaged Bank Balance
Culprit: Boots
Motive: Boots points
So payday came and payday went as soon as possible, I went to my local shopping centre to get myself an iPad mini as my laptop has been playing up with the screen, and because the iPad can be taken out and about I decided to get one. I'm actually using it now, on the bus, on my way to get a half piece from Sally's glitz glam collection. The date I'm writing this is exactly one month after my birthday and I didn't get much for my birthday so payday has seemed more of a present.

Sinful colours
When I saw these in boots about 6 weeks ago I squealed as I saw them in America a good two years ago when I was visiting my father in the states, they are so cheap and really opaque and I will be reviewing this later on. So keep checking by if you want to know more about these. I picked the pastel shades as the other colours were a tad LOUD for me and the pastels caught my eye. They have really pretty names too.
Verbena, Cinderella and Pistache
Veet Easy Wax Refills
This little kit is fab, once bought I did it that same night. I remembered it takes me forever and way longer than when I get it done at the salon, but they are trained and its nice doing it in the comfort of your own home, in your nightie. If you wanna see my review for the first time click  HERE.
This time I got the armpit cartridge also with the legs and arms, as I want to try it out. It's been a bit of an embarrassment though growing my armpit hair in anticipation to use this. I buy the sensitive skin ones because its pink is easier to see, I tried the sensitive one the first time I ever used it and I am scared not to in case I have a reaction. If in doubt, stick to what you know. Once I try it on the ol' pits I will let you know if its as painful as I can envisage.

Real Techniques Limited Edition
Apart from my Mac 217 the RT brushes were the first and closest things to professional brushes I really had. I love them, I may have to do a brush collection post for you guys so you can see what I'm working with. (Dayum girl. Show us what you're working with) I'd do a review of these as well in that same post so you're not inundated with brushes posts.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
Bet you all wondering why this isn't in a spray bottle and believe me when I saw it I thought the exact same thing so I'm guessing its new, and I prefer it in the lotion. I used to have something quite similar about 4/5 years ago from AVON called perfect legs that was like leg makeup and I loved it. When I saw this in boots I'd thought I'd give it a go and tell you gorgeous lot how it works and looks on legs. I got the Medium, just because I only get my legs out if they are tanned, so why put light on dark, when I wanna be tan. I'll do a review on this at a later time.

All this came to £60.95 and will be very much loved, the Real techniques where of course the biggest splurge, at £23 but I feel happy with my purchases. No buyers remorse. Yet.

Well thank you and If its been payday for you as well I'd love to know what you bought, or if you bought the same items, tell me what you think in the comments.
Ta Ta

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