Skin Type and Maintenance


What's your skin like?
Do you have oily skin, normal skin, combination skin, or dry skin.

How to tell your skin type
There are lots of services out there that tell you what your skin type is and these services offer products that claim to eradicate the problems you are dealing with, Clinique and Elemis would be an example of this.
These have trained qualified beauticians than can run a number of tests on your clear face (omg entering boots without face applied!!!!) to tell you what it is your dealing with. The skin consultations are usually free but its knowing that basic knowledge than can take us from being hoisted in and spending a months wage on skin care.
Their knowledge is what sells their product.
So the best thing for us to do would be to smarten up about it.

I would like anyone reading this post to go get a consultation on your skin however scary that may be. I would like you to get a skin type and one also that shows any age damage to your face.
This is where we start.

Oily Skins
Cons- Prone to spots, teenage pizzaface
Pros- Excess elasticity in face, late to have wrinkles
The problem with oily's is that you process too much sebum (face oil) in the pore, creating it to get clogged very easily, this also sometimes makes you look very shiny in Facebook pictures and you makeup tends to slide off your face.
If your getting clogged pours which leads to spots you need to only wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
And by cleansing your face I don't mean just removing your makeup I mean removing and then washing your FACE not your MAKEUP OFF
Oily skins tend to have rather large pours because it's like an open river bed, the sebum will spill out, if there is bacteria there It will form into a spot.
You need to open your large pours be process of steam and use a gentle exfoliator, I recommend anything with little micro beads in like neutrogeana or st.Ives.
If you do make your own use a pip like fruit like a pomegranate or figs instead of sugar.
Once your pours are open and exfoliate them you need to close them quick before any foreign bacteria enters them and this is done by a cold splash of water to all the face and, do it more than once so you have all the face covered.
Have you ever had freezing cold water chucked on you? You recoil like a pissed off snake so this is exactly what your pours do, they tighten up like a ducks bum and then this restricts the flow of sebum (face oil)
Every face type needs to moisturise, it's the ingredient of the moisturiser that suits, oily skins are much better with gel and silicone based moisturiser instead of water even worse oil moisturisers.
Makeup preparation
Milk of magnesium is the stuff that you drink if you have stomach acid. It is a drying agent, it drys up acid which is an highly corrosive oil.
Spread a little amount of this on your face, only a thin layer or you will look like a white desert with the concrete cracks on your face.
It isn't pliable and moveable so only a small small layer please.
This will dry the sebum making pours and while they are in duck bum shape keep them that way all day.
You can use this as a primer so your makeup doesn't slide off mid-day.
Then when your day is finished take off makeup, wash face, and moisturise. :)

Dry Skin
Cons- Gets wrinkles easier, gets patchy marks, can suffer from rosacea and broken capillaries.
Pros- Rarely gets spots, fine pores.
Dry skin soaks up moisture and therefore any moisture u do get to the face is going to soaked in and make the face feel tight. It produces little sebum and the pours are very tight and closed together. When getting out of a hot shower through the hot and wet climate and then straight into a cold dry climate, your face tightens and this can lead to broken capillaries around the area of the features like the nose and eyelids.
 Dry's need to open up their pours and massage them into movement. When opening up pours through steam you need to keep them open while maintaining that no foreign bacteria enters the pour.
This is why peel masks were invented.
They are great especially if they are loaded with vitamin E, tea tree and peptides.
Best to this at night so you can sleep in it, this way your enabling the open sebum producing pours to do their work for a full 8-12 hours.
As with oily skin do not cleans it to much or you will strip it of its natural oils.
Dry skin needs to moisturise a hell of lot more than oily skin, and can use any product, water based, gell based, oil based. There are even face oils on the market. Essential oils work wonder especially from a calming plant like aloe or eucalyptus, as dry skins can sometimes get dermatitis and other skin disorder these are great for their calming quality. Baby oil is a great moisturiser also, especially before bed this way it has chance soak into the skin.
Makeup Preparation
With dry skin because you tend to get patches where your make-up has soaked in, and parts where your face may flake off its best to add some oil or essential oil to a foundation especially if it is to dry for you but a perfect shade. Another thing to do would be to put a barrier cream on your face like sudacrem or any barrier cream from Amazon. Click Here for a look. This is so you make-up sits on your face and doesn't sink in.

Normal Skin
Praise the lord you lucky beggars, the only time you get breakouts is when its stress, hormones, or diet and alcohol, so getting birth control helps you greatly with hormones when your a teen, drinking plenty of water after a night out helps when your an adult, and karate classes help when your stressed.
The only thing you have to remember to do is eat well, be nice, get medicated and hydrate.
If you do go through bouts of oily and dry skin, use any of the advise for the other skin types above.

Combination skin
Oily T-Zone yet dry cheeks, I feel sorry for you guys as you need to pay specific attention to your face.
The best thing for you to do is go blackhead hunting.
And do this with a blackhead squeezer. Its like little rod with hoops made out of metal at the end one is bigger than other.
With a clean and steamed face (open pours) find the places with the most blackheads, i.e. chin, temple, forehead  nose and go to town on those bad boys, if its getting difficult to get them out, don't scar your self, stick your face back in the steamer and you should open up like sesame seeds.
Then exfoliate  once all of the dirt from your pours are lifted, you can go about your routine like normal, add oil to dry areas, add milk of magnesium to oily areas.
If your face gets tight, use a peel mask.
Follow the advise specific for each area.

I hope any advise I have given has been helpful, don't forget to get your skin checked out to know exactly where you stand on skin care.

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