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Change of Colour This Season
A Little Colour Pick Me Up

I was once a young blonde girl, with extensions and dark eyebrows, then suddenly I thought, I want Dark Red Hair, I'd been pouring over images of Cheryl Cole and her mahogany hues, Rihanna and her fireball mane, thinking would it suit me.
The Flood (Cheryl Cole song)
The Flood (Cheryl Cole song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So off to the hairdressers I went and decided on it.
English: Rihanna Live at Target Center on her ...
English: Rihanna Live at Target Center on her LOUD Tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My hairdresser kept telling me, "It won't suit your complexion, your Cool Toned" I'm not I'm an NW25 in MAC so I'm definitely not cool, I'm hot baby, stick that dye on my head!!!

So I changed, I went to a rich mahogany shade with a brown underneath so it wouldn't turn bright pink and wishy washy. 
But it did. So I decide to make my own concoction and dyed it myself with semi-permanent.

What I used:
Direction Hair Dye In Coral Red 
Direction Hair Dye In Tulip
A Spoon
A Mixing Bowl
Cling Film or Carrier Bag
An Applicator like a Dye Brush

I mixed equal parts Coral Red to the Tulip and added conditioner so it wasn't so dark and my friend applied it to my hair, she didn't have gloves and her hand looked like she had killed someone. So I reccommed Gloves.

This is how it looks now after a second application and a month to fade

This method is great for you if when you use normal permanent hair dyes it makes your head itch.

If you have scoliosis or another form of head dermatitis.

Are Vegetable oils with colour infused in them, they do not colour all your hair due to them being natural and organic so they have no ammonia which opens up the hair follicle. Only your hair shaft gets the colour. They wash out easy on dark hair because it isn't accepting of colour unless it is stripped by ammonia (to open up the follicle) and peroxide (to lighten it). This type of dye is sensitive to the skin, very nourishing and can achieve very bright colours if on light or on Pre-lightened hair.

DIY Home Dye
All hairdressers hate these. They are damaging to the hair and they strip the hair cortex of cells that make the texture of you hair. If you have no cells in your hair cortex it springs back and makes it wiry and unmanageable.
Darker hair dye is nicer for your hair than a lighter hair dye due to the lighter hair dye not only having ammonia to open up the follicle but also peroxide to lighten it.
Permanent colour will not fade, only loose its shine. Regrowth will need to be kept up.
The colour on the box is not always the colour you will get, if you pick a hair dye with a wrong tone it can leave you with a coloured grey colour like a brown murky green, or a burnt dirty red.
Some DIY Home Dye companies have shade indicators. Like Nice 'n' Easy have Cool and Warm shade indicator. This is to counteract any warmth or coolness you have in your hair.

Best Bleach I have Used
Bleach comes in two forms, powder and emulsion. Emulsion is great if you want all your head doing as it expands and doesn't dry as much. The best bleach  I have come in contact with because of its cooling effects is L'oreal Proffessionnel Platinum Ammonia Free Lightening paste. I have really bad scoliosis so compared to other bleach this was cooling, still itchy but not as much as the rest I have used and I have used many.

Bleach Bathing
This is great if you taking colour from the superficial part of the follicle, the outer shaft. If you want to change between bright colours, like pink and orange without having any colour deformity by layering them on top, then a bleach bath is for you.
They're are colour strippers out there already pre-made for you but it's more comforting to know the exact the ingredients of your solution to take colour out.

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  1. I've got to say that you've got better results than I ever have managed to get, I'm so jealous!! Where do you get your hair dye and have you used Manic Panic instead of La Riche, and how do you think the two compare? I might try La Riche if I get the same sort of results as you!

  2. I've never used manic panic...
    But I will (watch this space)
    I got La Riche directions from a goth store in my shopping precinct
    here the website :)

    I mixed two colours together to get that shade on an already murky purple hair (hairdressing disaster)
    The hairdressing disaster did me well because it acted as a base for the colour to cling to and not wash out so fast.
    Been this colour since November 2012.



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